“Just Give Me a Damned Cigarette” : JibJab Goes Puppets for Year-End-Review

"Just Give Me A Damned Cigarette," sings Obama Puppet in the 2010 JibJab Review

One of the things that gets me through the holidays is the anticipation and enjoyment of JibJab’s annual year-end song parody. When Twitter rumors about CNN’s announcing Morgan Freeman’s death this week, I called JibJab’s Voice Jim Meskimen (website/on YouTube) to see if he’d do his classic Freeman impersonation. He did in this “Morgan Freeman is Alive” video, and it fooled many.

I’m a raving fan of Jim, who does virtually every voice you’ve heard on JibJab. (Go subscribe to him and you’ll see his Knestor learn ya about gift giving), and he tipped me off to the fact that the 2010 JibJab review is now out! You can also add your face to the first-ever JibJab stop action in “Santa Claus is Coming To Town.”

Check it out below, and notice it’s all puppets instead of the typical flash animation. JibJab took us behind the curtain with a step-by-step “behind scenes” blog. I can’t find what I’d hoped to see: Jim singing in the studio (there is a scratch music page that’s currently sparse).

Kermit Fan to Celebrate Sesame Street Anniversary

My son Grant wakes up first. Every day. Then, after feeding Freddy, he settles down onto the computer. “Dad- did you see the new Google?” He showed me Ernie & Burt on Google, and I did a search to confirm we hadn’t missed the local Jim Henson exhibit (ends Nov. 29).

While telling Grant about my childhood hero, Henson, he reminded me of this video… March 2006 (below).

But first, I’ll provide you with some “must watch” Sesame Street and Muppet moments:

1) Manamana

2) Peter Sellers discussing with Kermit how there is no Sellers because he had him “surgically removed.” An interesting moment considering Seller’s history of assuming his character’s identity on and off screen.

3) Dom DeLuise merdlealadop space scene (watch Dom improv with an antenna he happened to catch before it fell into a hole).

4) The Pigs in Space are given the chance to understand the meaning and purpose of life, but opt for dinner instead (a soul-searching commentary by Henson).

5) Aaron Neville and Ernie sings “I’d Like to Visit the Moon.” Best harmony ever ever ever.

I met Neville once while interning at a PBS station in New Orleans. He was as calm, cool, and humble as he appears. Sadly, I never met Henson. It was always one of my dreams.