Old Spice Moms Singing is Superbowl Material

Mother’s everywhere are mourning the loss of their young boys as they become a man. And in this Old Spice “Mom Song” commercial, they’re singing as they stalking their children, clutching to their cars while riding laundry bins, and showing up in odd places like beaches and cafeteria

A superbowl commercial website is calling this ad creepy, but it’s absolutely my favorite Old Spice ad since Mustafa’s “this is what your man could smell like” viral hits of 2009 and 2010. I hope the agency (still Wieden and Kennedy) runs it on the 2014 Superbowl. There’s a also a shorter alternative with a woman popping her head from a bowling ball machine.

old spice mom song lady
The first Old Spice mom in “Mom Song” looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Total Recall (remember she shouts “two weeks” as her robotic head explodes?).

My day job, when not a Viral Video Genius, is insights strategy at an advertising agency (which works in healthcare and has nothing to do with this spot). I’ve worked with P&G but not in many years.

So I like to try to imagine what “insights” drove this campaign. Here’s my guess:

  • Guys are sold on Old Spice. But moms are buying Old Spice — especially for young teens.
  • Moms see Old Spice as a brand for grownups, and they’re reluctant to let go of their boys.
  • Moms don’t want to be sold Old Spice or told they’re clingy.

So the creative challenge was likely to win over moms  by satirizing the clingy mom who won’t let their kids grow up. “You, dear shopper, do not look like Arnold in drag in Total Recall.”

Note what the spot doesn’t do: it’s not telling moms to “let go,” or “buy Old Spice to help them get the girls,” which would have the opposite of the desired effect. This just in: seems I called it right according to this AdAge piece that attributes the song to musical agency “Walker.”

What ya think? Love it like me? Freaked by it? Think it will work?

Moms Reveal Sleep-Inducing Tricks

Try to watch this without getting sentimental. Go ahead and try.

Hats off to Philips Avent for this adorable video featuring mommy tricks to get babies to sleep. I reluctantly made it through the first 20 seconds for a totally heart-melting collection of sleepy babies. I only wish Sleepy Charlie was included.

Another smashing sponsored video by The Viral Factory (the folks behind my 2011 favorite Samsung Girl). Here’s the company’s collection of branded entertainment videos– but the view counts are understated because the videos go viral on client YouTube accounts.

Mom Blogs? No Time. Let’s Try Mom Online Video.

There’s no shortage of blogs written for and by mothers. But WifeofNalts now has a new YouTube channel called “Joeymoms.” The purpose is to bring relevant content to moms in a fun, irreverent way in a delivery medium for which moms have time… video. The name was chosen for two reasons. First, there are virtually no other common mom names available. Second, a YouTube channel needs to be about a person not just a topic. Rather than WifeofNalts or MomTubers or something, we went with Joeymoms… kinda like Nerdfighters. It’s hosted by Joey, but bigger than her. Hoping a community of other moms forms, and maybe this channel attracts some new people to YouTube.

There’s one thing that’s certain. There’s no shortage of advertisers trying to reach moms, and most of them want content by moms (as opposed to a male creator that happens to have a large audience of mothers). While this isn’t likely to rival Fred or Nigahiga, it’s getting my wife excited about the YouTube community, and I’ve found her migrating from Facebook to her channel in her scarce spare time.

The tricky thing about mom content is that it can be lifestage dependent, and boring. Moms typically form community around specific milestones like new babies, toddlers, teenagers, or “off to college.” That’s too niche for a new channel, so she’s trying to speak to a broader range of moms. It’s kinda Momversations meets The View meets Entertainment Tonight. Done for and by moms, but not devoted to mom topics exclusively… for moms that are more than moms.

Whatya think? I’m racking my lil’ marketing brain trying to figure out how to grow it, so it can be a resource for moms… showcase other YouTube channels and good online resources for this audience.  The fundamental question is this… there aren’t many popular mom channels on YouTube. Is that because there’s not a market for it, or simply that nobody has cracked the code? We’ll find out!