Scary Snowman Prank

RIPFilms with the ScarySnowman series. Very funny reactions.

At the risk of appearing unintentionally racist, I’d observe that African Americans seem far more prepared to kick ass on pranks like these. For further evidence, observe the well-dressed midget in the suitcase at the bus stop (can’t seem to find it), or the Halloween prank (where a pumpkin-wearing scarecrow gets his ass kicked).

YouTube Goes Bollywood: Game On

Gautam Anand, director for content partnerships (Asia Pacific), told the Hindustan Times, “We are looking to significantly ramp up our long-form Bollywood movies catalogue. Full length catch-up shows have been getting a tremendous response from across the globe.”

It seems even the most celebrated Bollywood songs have taken to recent parodies like the recent Guild dance: “Game On: A Bollywood Themed Gamers Anthem.” See Codex (Felicia Day) and Zaboo (Sandeep Parikh) almost kiss, and Zaboo punch “Real Life” in the face. We dare you not to dance to “Game On.”

So we’ve got that going for us. Which is nice.