Why Choices Are Bad

Choices are bad. We don’t like them. The fewer the better. This video builds off of communism and ideology and stuff, but gets to the pretty practical too… like the anxiety provoked by selecting a wine or the choice of sex. Courtesy of Laughing Squid. It’s kinda depressing actually, so maybe you’d prefer some LOLCats.

Darwinian Evolution: Forwards and Backwards

Having been hunched over a laptop for about 18 of the past 24 hours (and since a Sony Google TV is on route as a gift), I thought this image would be appropriate for my blog banner. What do you think?

Feel free to use it in your next presentation. It’s adapted from the Darwin evolutionary image (source unknown), and I created the “sitting laptop man” based on some posture clip art. Then added a cell phone to primitive man, and a laptop to our ape ancestors.

Admit it… we’re just a few evolutionary moves away from being giant pieces of fat and flesh with tiny opposable thumbs for texting and remote controls.

The evolution and devolution lifecycle, illustrated

Cheese Campaign: the Power of Online-Video Community

Cheese videosPeople who haven’t yet understood the power of online video are amazed at how the video community has pulled together in the recent movement to honor cheese. Individuals from all over the globe have taken time away from other important endeavors to make a video about cheese, or involving cheese.

Many online-video causes have helped raise funds, educate people on political issues, or raise awareness of and humanitarian issues. Hug day. End to racism. Love a homosexual. Feed the poor. Don’t eat meat. Heck, Dylan’s Couch is proposing Volunteer Day on August 2.

But this cheese movement isn’t about helping people or improving lives. It’s a selfless act, and we know cheese can’t nor shouldn’t repay the favor. Sometimes life isn’t about doing something for someone else for hopes of recognition or to help humanity. Sometimes life is about helping cheese.

To see the cheese playlist on YouTube, click here. To download this cheese illustration as a PSD to make a coffee mug or t-shirt, click here.