Friday’s Lesson: Fake Puking Offends More Than Fake Blood

It’s a parodox, but it’s one of those things we learn about humankind thanks to the “hot spot” insight tool available on YouTube. You see, now we know when people exit our videos relative to the norm of videos of that same lenght. The chart below shows that the “Videogame Violence & Your Children” parody was rather healthy. Until a certain part of the video when there was a fairly steep dropoff.

nalts pukes

  • Was it the blood?
  • Dora the Explorer’s arm getting shot off?
  • The Mario head?
  • The traffic accident in Frogger?

No folks. It was the oatmeal puke that did it. Let that be a lesson to you. Fake blood. No worries. Fake vomit? They’re gone. Or maybe it’s the difference between animation and video?