Scary Snowman Prank

RIPFilms with the ScarySnowman series. Very funny reactions.

At the risk of appearing unintentionally racist, I’d observe that African Americans seem far more prepared to kick ass on pranks like these. For further evidence, observe the well-dressed midget in the suitcase at the bus stop (can’t seem to find it), or the Halloween prank (where a pumpkin-wearing scarecrow gets his ass kicked).

Halloween Split Video Personality

Halloween videos by Nalts

Oh sure… the dad in me was happy to participate in the Halloween Bash created by my kids… toward the end you’ll see Charlie (age 5) telling me he puked between scenes. Poor Falcon.

But the creepy video guy preferred to collaborate with some of the most frightening special-effects artists on YouTube…. DavideoDesign and Iggy35. Check them out. Shaycarl was supposed to be in this, but after 15 e-mail reminders, we wrote him out.

Bridal Dog Wins Costume Contest at Readers Digest

Isn’t it true that the hard videos are never as popular as the easy ones. This video of Rusty and Triscuit (pets of babysitter of nalts) was viewed nearly 700,000 times on Yahoo Video. But my more recent video, “Confessions” was far more complicated, and has been seen 25K views. 

Well congratulations, sweet Rusty. You won the Readers’s Choice Award on Reader’s!

And here’s your celebration video. Which was shot when Zipster decided to send Locomama to babysit our kids.

So that wraps up my 3-part series for Reader’s Digest. Thanks, RD! Do you suppose this will increase the odds that they accept one of my jokes or stories? I’ve been trying for more than 2 decades. 🙂