Deer Roams Suwannee Publix Supermarket

The fawn duo roamed Publix, and one dove over the Sushi container... making a statement about animal rights.

A couple deer (fawns to be precise) wandered a Publix supermarket┬áin Suwannee, Georgia. The noises of the frustrated fawns (see YouTube video below) sounds freakishly human. In an moment guilty of at least two cases of irony, James Chronicle — a founder of a Suwanee-based non-profit called the Georgia Animal Protection Society — “chronicled” the event in this video via his cell phone.

Bad pun and cheesy headlines include: “Oh deer: fawn go shopping,” and “Attention shoppers… a deer in isle 1.” Interestingly a “venison publix” search revealed that this isn’t the first time — a crime report of a Publix in Pinelass County, Florida shows a similar event in late 2009.

I can’t find a statement from Publix on the event, but the grocery chain is listing job openings for a meat cutter. (Slow people need not apply).