Original Web Series Debuted at “Video Everywhere”

I’m just back from iMedia Connection’s Video Everywhere event in San Antonio, and a highlight was Paul Kontonis presenting a bunch of new web series.

I’m not sure these are yet posted online, but this much I can say: online video production is beginning to resemble that of television.

Matt Timothy (Vindico) had a visceral performance using stress cubes.

Another interesting tidbit… almost as many people watch a video online as conduct a search. I’d estimate video viewing will surpass searches in the next year or two, and that makes Google’s acquisition of YouTube kinda not that stupid.

It’s a good thing Google did some ethnographic research before swallowing YouTube, right?

P.S. Since it’s “all about me” day, here’s my bio on iMedia.

Napkin Musical Prank Punks Entire Food Court

Improv Everywhere Food Court MusicalThe folks at Improv Everywhere have done it again. This one gave me goose bumps. A spontanious musical number has an entire food court baffled. When security arrives, things get even more interesting.

I give you “Food Court Musical.”

Seriously. Does anyone know these people? I’ve been trying to get into the secret mailing list FOREVER. Guys, Improv Everywhere folks. I’ve done Farting in Public. Mall Pranks. Chicken Pranks. Mother’s Day Prank. Ice Cream Prank. Mad Turkey. Prank the Garbage Man.

Let me in. I can work in an ensemble. I can get to NYC on short notice. I have no shame.

NOTE: I heard from Charlie Todd last night, and joined the Improv Everywhere Ning. Fingers crossed!