Most Epic Corporate Holiday Video Greeting

Last year we celebrated the worst corporate Christmas and Holiday greetings. This year we’re celebrating the good ones. Got one? We’ve found one by Klick Health, and it deserves recognition. The sheer number of edits and costumes shows effort that is uncommon with end-of-year throw aways.

This one is interactive so you can win some loot for naming the characters.

Time Magazine on Video Chefs: From Depression to Heavy Metal Vegan

Nasty Babydoll Food Which Is Unrelated To This Video

Want some indigestion and entertainment? Look no further than YouTube chefs. Courtesy of Mike VideoEditGuy, it’s Time magazine explores chefs — ranging from a 95-year-old lady who grew up in the depression to a head-banging vegan chef. And Harley, the EpicMealTime guy who gives “Man vs. Food” a run for its calories. Who hasn’t heard of candy pizza?

Finally don’t forget the drunk chef, Hannah Hart, who is aided by the “fiery courage” of alcohol. She tried to quit after 1, then 3, then 5. Seems it became an addiction…