YouTube News You Missed

Okay I forgot I had a blog again. The past two weeks have included trips to (in sequence) Virginia, Minneapolis, NYC, Washington, D.C. and NYC again.

Shitty clipart makes a blog visual

Enough about me. Let’s focus on YouTube today, since it’s turned 6 (that’s a near-death 94 years in TechCrunch years). If you missed the comment stream on my last post, you’ll want to catch up. It’s steamy, and Sukatra’s on a Charlie Sheen tear.

And after this humble attempt at “aggregation,” stay tuned for my patented “synthesis” below… what all this means to a changing ecosphere-marketplace-ecosystem-valuechain-universe.

    What Does All This Mean?

    • YouTube is going mainstream with musician chart-toppers exceeding the once amateur-only club. Alas, the site is a free jute box rivaled only by Limewire in the day.
    • YouTube is embracing its new role, hoping attracting familiar faces will attract a larger base of “regulars,” who until now have chosen their own weblebrities.
    • Still, amateur hour isn’t over… especially if you’re a quasi professional. While no YouTube star has yet jumped mainstream with any endurance or consequence, we may see that change in 2012.
    • Most importantly, albiet somewhat tangental, what the hell happens to the sales of my “Beyond Viral” if Borders goes bankrupt? Perhaps you can find a local Borders that’s folding, and snatch a discounted copy of the book. Be sure to take a photo and let me know.

    This post has been brought to you by the letter S. Big S.

    Eminem’s We Make You Parody: “We Make YouTube”

    From Asathecomic it’s the “We Make YouTube” song parody.

    And yes, Bo Burnham is my grandson. Here’s a clip of me with him just two years ago, before he reached puberty. Cute little kid, made his father Charlie proud.




    When u uploaded ur video you tube. You were on the rotator in jiffy lube
    You’re a Tube star and everybody Subs ya
    You can Hate Fred but do you have a Million?

    Youre a big deal on Youtube

    Youtubes taken over tv like hulk took over superman you tube.. face book im addicted man..
    what would you tube be without chris crocker no one can yell leave brit alone like this man/// girl
    And where would YT be without Dave days even though he wears his hat wierd he can sang
    And tell me bru who can really flop each one of their ears with perfection Just KevJumba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What would it be without lisa novas boob or 100 vids of her in a sarah palin wig oooh
    Heres a good question whos stranger Mac or Shane Dawson?
    And sxephil with his hair spiky nobody can rant like that boy you see
    And how could do with out.Ooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww! hoo hooo Charlie Bit me.

    When u uploaded ur video you tube
    You were on the rotator in jiffy lube
    Youre a Tube star and everybody Subs ya
    You can Hate Buck but are u on eonline.
    Im a big deal on Youtube

    And tay zonday only has one hit Chad Vaders bout ready to choke a Wait.. What
    Venetian princess is prettier than Miley um.. and whos hotter Happy slip or her mom uh.
    theres Nword higa Solja and lil wayne SMP films is a quite loaded man! (Its mean but its soooo cute) word?!?!?
    Smosh those dudes are really models right and Asa the comic thats the bald brother tite
    Alpha cat makes obama shake his booty booty yo Oh oh oh oh!!!!
    And Hotforwords, makes me hot word!!! Let me chill cuz im a married nerd~
    iJustinewants steve jobs apples and bo burnun thats nalts grandson? right.. yeah?!?!

    When u uploaded ur video you tube
    You were on the rotator in jiffy lube
    Im a Tube star and everybody Subs bru
    You can Hate me but were you on Kimmel Show
    Tazys (point to yourself) a big deal on Youtube
    Chocolate rain. My sexiness will make u insane
    So take my chocolate rain.
    And no im not t pain.
    Cuz I can sing homeslice. Yeah