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Blip.tv Deleted Me

Blip.tv closed me accountI didn’t care much when some of the online video sites retired “consumer generated” accounts, and killed my Nalts channels. Metacafe, Revver, Yahoo video, Google video. But I’ve been rooting for the Blip.tv underdog since its infancy. So when I learned today they deleted my account, I felt totally betrayed.

Blip.tv is now owned by Internet studio, Maker. They’ve never much liked me, unfortunately.

Here’s one of my early articles of Blip sharing ad revenue. An article about how it paid better than other ad-sharing properties. And one of my favorite blog posts ever… my experience with Blip.tv’s awesome customer service in 2006 when founder Mike Hudack actually answered my call during dinner.

Unfortunately many of my Blip.tv videos are gone for good… not uploaded to other video-sharing sites and not backed up. Whey they began killing some accounts I wasn’t surprised. I expected some of my secondary “staging” accounts at Blip.tv to go away, so I backed them up. But didn’t expect they’d kill my Nalts one. :(

Part of my Internet youth died today. Not since Revver closed shop has the internet made me so sad.

Et, tu, Blip? Et tu?

Blip.tv killed me after 7 loyal years
Blip.tv killed me after 7 loyal years


Is Revver Dead? First Ad-Sharing Website is MIA.

Have we seen the last of Revver.com, the first online-video site that shared advertising revenue with creators? It’s MIA… check www.Revver.com.

This blog began as “Revverberation,” and was primarily about the website… sadly it got little traction, was acquired, and eventually stopped paying creators. See Revver’s Wikipedia entry for all the good will it left in its dust… especially when LiveUniverse snatched it up (that website seems DOA too).

It’s ironic… my parody (Chapter11TV) seems to have outlived it.

But if there’s one thing sadder than Revver’s death is the possibility that there’d be no official funeral, right?

revver is dead
Is Revver dead?

Oh and keep up the comment wars… I cherish them.

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