Showtime’s Babass Homeland Premiere

Homeland's pilot is free online. That's badass, friends.

Hats off to Showtime, which not only secured a full takeover ad on YouTube to debut “Homeland,” but ran the first episode free on YouTube. No ads, no punitive actions ala Hulu if you fast forward or rewind.

That’s just badass, and an amazing marketing strategy. GIVE AWAY your pilot, friends. And you get free trial, and press (like this).

10/14/11 Note: Bastards pulled the video since

So here’s the deal, Claire Danes… I’ve been meaning on writing you through Michael Aglion or Carol Bodie. You’ve GOT to read “Welcome to the Jungle” by Hilary Brody. You’ll have an easy time getting the role correct from a Homeland perspective, but you’ve got to master Bipolar. Give that book a shot for inspiration.

Watch the whole Homeland premier from this blog and you’ll get a free piece of cheese.