My Appearance on Funny Stuff and Cheese

And here’s today’s episode of “Funny Stuff and Cheese,” the daily 12-12:30 talk show that’s on YouTube and one of the fastest growing iTunes talk/comedy shows.

It’s hosted by “Mompreneur” Renae Christine and Tom Cote, who hosts my favorite Instragram channel featuring Buddy his pug with stuff balanced on his head. You should follow him before you forget.

Renae runs and is the author of the highly rated “Home Business Startup Bible.” Her message to moms is simple: stop being frugal and start making some dough because stay-at-home moms are made of “awesome sauce.” Her Instagram features pictures of her wee ones and food.

Beauty and the Bald. Here’s the show. We eat “Easy Cheese” and banter.


Thread for Pointless Comments (join below)

Soliciting pointless comments. Topics can range from midgets and poop, to higher concepts like secret phobias or painful childhood memories.

To begin the thread, I offer you a photo of Snuggie 2.0.

I wish I was a Japanese man. I'd run in a mall wearing this. And if I fell, I'd be screwed. Do they make midget sized ones? If not, they're racists.

How Many Dominos Ads Will it Take to Offset Kristy Lynn Hammonds?

How many Dominos ads will it take to offset this? Kristy Lynn Hammonds videotapes Michael Anthony Setzer putting toppings in nose, then uploads it to YouTube where it goes nuts. They were both fired, and ended up with low ratings, bad comments, and felony charges.

Setzer is making sandwiches while a giggling Hammonds narrates and urges him to “do it again, do it again” in putting the cheese up his nose,” according to this report. “It appears he threw some of the cheese in the garbage but some went on a sandwich.” Setzer says: “This is Michael’s special Italian sandwich.”

“We got blindsided by two idiots with a video camera and an awful idea,” said a Domino’s spokesman, Tim McIntyre, who added that the company was preparing a civil lawsuit. “Even people who’ve been with us as loyal customers for 10, 15, 20 years, people are second-guessing their relationship with Domino’s, and that’s not fair.”

Special WVFF Forum for Cheese Videos!

It was too hard to surf the comment threads of old WVFF posts regarding such an important topic as the Cheese Videos, so we at have created a special forum thread.

Visit the Official Will Video For Food Cheese Forum Thread now, and vote on the creator(s) who most assaulted the dignity of cheese.

If you haven’t posted a cheese video yet, it’s never too late. Just be sure to tag it with the following words:

naked cheese video american zardoz short film airplane pizzle sore feltch

Also, it’s important to add the word “VIDEO” to your title. That way it will rank high when people search Google for “CHEESE VIDEO(s).”

Hey- thanks to the Revver Editors for featuring Naked Cheese! I respect your taste.

Revver recognizes brilliance of Naked Cheese by Nalts

Vital links:


Cheese Campaign: the Power of Online-Video Community

Cheese videosPeople who haven’t yet understood the power of online video are amazed at how the video community has pulled together in the recent movement to honor cheese. Individuals from all over the globe have taken time away from other important endeavors to make a video about cheese, or involving cheese.

Many online-video causes have helped raise funds, educate people on political issues, or raise awareness of and humanitarian issues. Hug day. End to racism. Love a homosexual. Feed the poor. Don’t eat meat. Heck, Dylan’s Couch is proposing Volunteer Day on August 2.

But this cheese movement isn’t about helping people or improving lives. It’s a selfless act, and we know cheese can’t nor shouldn’t repay the favor. Sometimes life isn’t about doing something for someone else for hopes of recognition or to help humanity. Sometimes life is about helping cheese.

To see the cheese playlist on YouTube, click here. To download this cheese illustration as a PSD to make a coffee mug or t-shirt, click here.



Best Cheese Videos

You can touch the grey arrows to the right and left to advance to the next video if you have ADHD. The arrows vanish when you start watching a video, but they’re still there just like God when times are rough. You just can’t see them. Click on the right or left side of the video that’s playing- not the orange frame. Inside the image. Got it? Good.

This is the cheese playlist. Let me know if I missed your video. Below are the blog sites I’ve contacted so far about these important videos. Please spread the word. We must count on each other in solidarity.

Everyone should contact at least 3-4 blogs, and list them below. It’s okay to contact the same one twice. That will help them appreciate the urgency of our message. You can feel free to write your own message or try this: “Hi, (insert cheese blogger’s name here)! Look what we have for your very good blog! These are the best cheese videos on YouTube- all in once place. They are so very sure to please and so I send them to you.”

Feel free to leave (insert cheese blogger’s name here) in lieu of their name. It certainly would catch my attention. With luck, we’ll have a dozen cheese blogs link to this playlist, and then we’re off to the races.


Naked Cheese (updated!)

Naked cheese video. See explanation below. This explanation will be deleted in 24 hours.

A PROFOUND apology to WillVideoForFood readers. The idea of a pure cheese video was spawned from this post about 3 rules of viral video. I got a “dare you to make a video about cheese” note from a regular WVFF contributor who wasn’t aware of the full thread (see it here)… which called for a coordinated cheese-only video campaign.

I was tickled by the simple challenge of posting a vide simply showing a piece of cheese being opened. But if there’s one thing funnier than a random video about cheese… it’s a bunch of them.

So although I’ve inadvertently jumped the gun on the campaign, we must continue this cause. It’s our duty. I could easily take this video down if people need more time. But it will only take a minute for you to upload your cheese video, and 99% of people won’t know about the time lag.

PLEASE? And post it below. This text will be deleted shortly.

Who Won the Cheese? Weird Comments.

american cheeseIt took almost two months of deliberation, but our judges have selected the honorable mentions and winner of the “Weird Comment” contest, which boasts a grand prize of an autographed slice of American cheese.

As you won’t likely recall, back on January 5, 2008, I invited you to post the weirdest comments on this TechCrunch article about my book. There are a about 50 plus comments on my invitation post too (see them).

You took the challenge, and you delivered. That’s why we spent so long deliberating. It is not because we forgot or anything.

Click “more” below to see the 33 weirdest comments. Honorable mention also goes to Maryln and Sukatra’s back ‘n forth.

It’s a tough call, but here’s the winner. Johnny, whoever you are, send your address. We’ll send the cheese.

  1. Johnny January 7th, 2008 at 4:22 pm

    WARNING I DID NOT START THIS SPAM ok susie was going to a river where she watched the school of dogs dissecting cats that could fly because of their lung cancer thus enabling the time portal to pull down the trigger that made the lever go down into Narnia which was currently in a war against the Summer Queen who made eternal summer, when the summer queen was vanquished Fred came to save the day transporting all living babies in the world to travel first class to Funkytown singing Funkytowwwwwn the whole way there the babies enjoyed their sparkling white grape juice which made them all fart Beethovens Ninth backwards making them change each others pampers for a milenium until two magical beavers came and started to shop at wal-mart because of it having the lowest prices they bought firewood to burn the Ohio River therefore making Lisa Nova drinking an 8 ounce glass of water flexing her liver making it break thus powering all of new york city for the rest of the year making arnold schwargentator happy to be alive until the terminator kills him everyone is living happily except George Bush since lisa novas liver broke and two squirrels from sydney come in to kidnap president lincoln holding him as ransom for 70 nuts or walnuts making the world fall in the Great Depression 2 thus starting war against switzerland because of all of the obese people in america wanting it’s magical chocolate mines causing them to get more obese and starting weight watchers to gain even more weight causing the worlds rotation to end effecting into the sun being blocked by an enormous bottle sun tan lotion sold by an eskimo in iceland causing a humonguos meteor to fall into austrailia and killing all of the worlds opera singers thus making everyone happy again and then everyone died except nalts, he lived. (run-on consider revising)

(Select “more” below to see some favorites).

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