The YouTube Royal Wedding of Trippy and Speed

trippy speed wedding
Alli Speed and Charles Trippy at their wedding Nov. 20, 2011

Charles Trippy (CTFxC) and Alli Speed were married last night in Sarasota, Florida. They have one of the most popular “reality shows” on YouTube, dubbed “Internet Killed Television.” So it’s no surprise that Twitter exploded with tweets about the duo. Here are some highlights I shot last night, and the video includes cameos from YouTube’s most celebrated “weblebrities.” Bask in the duo’s smiles, and see their dogs Marley and Zoey walking the isles. Contrats!

Also see some of the photos from the wedding on my Nalts Flickr stream. (Addition Nov. 22: Charles and Alli Trippy’s wedding day footage, with link at end to official montage by Corey Vidal).


YouTube Allows Special Tubers To Post Past 15 Minutes

YouTube will now allow hand-picked compliant Tubers to post clips longer than 15 minutes.

“This is incredible news to me, and I plan to post more than 24 hours of footage a day,” said Charles Trippy in a quote I made up. “I’ll now be able to post footage from 5 different cameras and allow viewers to select what angle they view of my day.”

The vlogger, who has been posting every day for the past 4 years (estimate) will also take advantage of the increased free bandwidth by posting his entire library of outtakes.

“There were 72 minutes of mistakes from my celebrated “Puppy vs. Mirror” video that have not seen light of day,” continued Trippy in my fake interview. “I’m thrilled, and I know my sock accounts will rate my additional footage “thumbs up.”

Twitter Generates Auto Affirmations

Emo LoserToday’s day started with some reading of Louise Hay (my personal Stuart Smalley). Then I started scanning some of YouTube Creator Charles Trippy‘s recent Twitter posts. The posts have become a rather transparent view into Trippy’s recent funk.

I see him as a stable, almost transcendental guy in real life. And maybe I’m seeing bird crap on my own windshield not a dirty scenery… but I’ve interpreted his recent Twitter posts (which are brief 144-character microblogs) as being somewhat sad. Poor guy needs a hug.

charles trippyThen I started thinking about how cool it would be to have software monitor your e-mails, Twitters, and articles you read, and even videos you watch. It would detect what you’re feeling/thinking as a result of these choices, and serve up automated affirmations. For instance, if you were reading a lot of information about diets, you might receive an automated e-mail that would say “nourish yourself through love and exercise.” If you were searching for information on buying opiods and tranquilizers it might say “I am safe in the universe and it’s okay to express my feelings.”

If you were watching a lot of Nalts videos, it might say “you have discovered spiritual enlightenment like no other human before.”

That’d be cool. Hold on a second. I’m going to go hug my Trippy doll. There I’m back.

Experimenting With Large Uploads on YouTube: Bubble Gum Tree Show

Here’s today’s Bubble Gum Treee Show (featuring Charles Trippy) as it appears after I uploaded an 800 MB exported version from iMovie using all of the fancy specifications he recommends. And here’s another version that was about 20 MB. Sorry I just can’t seem to see a radical difference. Can you?

Now let’s try adding the “secret” code:

  1. Big version with the HD code.
  2. Little version with the HD code.

Anyone? Here are jpegs of the same video when I toggle between high resolution and low.

Low resolution high rez