iJustine Gets Killed in Criminal Minds: Episode “Middle Man” (season 6)

I’m a huge fan of iJustine (Justine Ezarik), and we did a video a few years ago when (believe it or not) I had twice the subscribers as her. Now she’s appearing in Fast Company and on a recent episode of Criminal Minds (the episode is called “Middle Man”) so I’m exploiting it of course.

The video below is a mosh-up of an older video we did, joined by some very brief footage from the Criminal Minds episode I opeI hope CBS will consider fair use (iJustine didn’t authorize this). Now some links…
Justine is also profiled in my book, so go buy it, damnit. It’s not as entertaining as watching her get killed in a corn field, but whatever.

YouTube Goes Hulu. Web Stars Promote Lionsgate.

YouTube has launched its answer to Hulu. Fred is doomed. Alf is back. The new sections are “shows” and “movies,” and involve content from Sony, CBS, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, BBC, and independent film studio Lions Gate Entertainment.

In perhaps an effort to soften the blow to amateurs, YouTube & Lionsgate hired well-known YouTube weblebrities including LisaNova and DaveDays to promote Lions Gate’s recent Crank movie.

DaveDay’s video is MIA. Here’s Xgobobeanx’s contribution, and ShayCarl‘s.

YouTube amateurs and professionals playing together like dogs and cats? What next? Fred promotes Alf?

It’s worth noting that the combination of the YouTube star power yielded more views (nearly 1 million) than an average homepage ad unit.

alf on huluWhat should I watch first? Blue Lagoon or Carrie?

Exposed: Big Media’s Bias Against Online Video

nalts interview mediaI was interviewed Friday by a major U.S. television network on the subject of online video, and caught some footage of the reporter’s loaded questions and biased reporting. You’ll hear how he tries to shape the discussion to confirm his own belief that online video is crap, and that big media will continue its reign. See it on YouTube, where it’s titled “Big Media Lies!

The footage was shot documentary style, so the reporter is off camera and I’m against a green screen. Be sure to watch the “debrief” video before you render judgment but after watching the first one.

P.S. Leave the shoes alone, Sukatra.