Easter “Dance Shoes Off” vs Easter Bunny Hates You

So here’s the Easter “Dance Your Shoes Off” performed by 2,000 people from the Second Baptist Church in Texas. And here’s the “Easter Bunny Hates You.” Which one’s better?

I find it more fun if you watch this video to another song. For instance, if you click here, play this Bruno Mars “Lazy” song in a different window, then watch the below embedded video on mute (using speaker icon to the immediate right of the play button).

Impact of YouTube’s Shift from “Small Pond” to “Vast Market”

YouTube’s Gay Godfather (zipster08) explains YouTube circa 2005-2011… why independent vloggers are creating fewer videos and YouTube was more of a “corporation” than “community.” The “small pond” evolves to a “vast market,” meaning more competition for new creators and the oldies…

You may remember Zipster from the “YouTube Retirement Home.” But unlike his bi-polar chess-companion, he’s the energizer bunnystill going.

What Zipster doesn’t realize is that when YouTube deploys its new “Green Parrot” distortion filter, Zipster will look better (like this) and increase views by 63 percent.