Buy Discount B-Roll Footage Online (Parody)

I’ve written many times about an obvious business model: amateurs with decent cameras shoot b-roll and sell it to advertisers at a reasonable price (one time purchase, no complex royalties or licenses). This will drastically reduce the cost of the video ads that will be created in the coming years, and that will be important if marketers want creative that is more personalized by channel.

This is a great parody of the subject I found on An infomercial for cheesy b-roll. You want depressed woman with her hand on the wall? Why does she have her hand on the wall? I don’t know. That’s what depressed people do. Don’t judge the broll!

We Got That B-Roll – Watch more Funny Videos

Dead Video Sites Don’t Have Proper Funerals

Oh dear. Did I sleep through a Google Video death? It seems these video sites barely have the courtesy to send a “goodbye” card when they die. 

It took a while for me to realize TheDailyReel was RIP, and I just discovered this morning that Flix55 (the video-sharing site by a NYC television station) had vanished.

Now check out Google Video. It’s not quite dead, but I think I could fairly describe it as what I first advocated for Google: A video search engine (albiet not as intelligent as Mother Google or even YouTube results). It does allow you to find videos from other websites, and even play Yahoo videos without making you leave Google (good boy for allowing that Yahoo… goooood boy).

Alas Google’s vision, not unlike Knol, was to be a destination site. Where select creators were sharing advertising revenue, and Mighty Mouse episodes were playing on the destination site. When Google swallowed YouTube it was only time before the two merged or went different directions.

If Stupid Videos, Break or Metacafe die will someone please let me know? Next thing you know it someone will tell me eFoof died.

Here’s hoping YouTube remains solvent. I really don’t want to get that second job delivering pizza in Allentown.

Be the “Life of Your Office” With These Tasteless Pranks

I love a slow-boil video, and this one delivers some hysterical prank bits that become increasingly tasteless… from desktop and fax pranks to “shivving” and murder. All with whispy 1940s commercial music. “Five April Fool’s Office Pranks” on

I also enjoy the repetition of a gag, like this skinny Brit’s unbridled enthusiasm when his pranks succeed. It reminds me of Green Acres when there would be a gag that would echo several times in the same episode.

Thanks to the guy in my office who passed this on, and presumably wants to shiv his boss.

A Nurse, Marketer and Homeless Guy Break Dance

picture-12.pngOnline video collaborations are probably my favorite part of online video. Probably the first online-video creator with whom I developed a parasocial relation was the affable homeless guy from Texas known as Marquisdejolie. He has a blog. Google it (anyone catch that reference?).

Via JibJab, here’s him break dancing with me, and songwriter-nurse-YouTuber, ChristopherMast.

Before online video, it’s unlikely that we’d have ever met, much less appear break dancing together. And you might argue that would have been a good thing, but I beg to differ.