What is Social Media?

nalts social media 60 second marketerI met the Marketing Diva (Toby Bloomberg) at a Cox Communications event. She pulled out her Flip cam and asked me to define social media. So I gave her a quick answer. Then along comes “The 60 Second Marketer” and packages this spontaneous clip into the following video called “What is Social Media.” Suddenly, my “pull it out the bum” verbal exposition looks rather comprehensive and definitive.

Let’s explore what makes this clip so trustworthy:

  • Logo at the beginning
  • Cool voice over
  • Simple delivery
  • Sponsored content
  • Nice look/feel

I think the next time I decide to represent my random opinion as fact, I’m going to proceed and follow it with Slater doing a deep, rich voiceover that summarizes it.

YouTube as Marketing Channel: Live With Bloomberg

Marketing Consultant Toby Bloomberg (Marketing Diva Blog) is hosting a radio/podcast show on the topic of YouTube as a marketing channel. It’s live tomorrow night (Tuesday, 6:30 PM EST). I’ll be a guest along with Ben Relles, creator of the wildly viral “I Got a Crush on Obama” and Barely Political.

Here are the details:

  • What: YouTube/social networking video sites: Play Toy or Credible Marketing Strategy? Kevin Nalts and Ben Relles join Toby to explore if video networking sites like YouTube can go beyond “cool” to a credible marketing strategy. And by the way, how do you get a video viewed by thousands?
  • When: Tuesday, 2/19/2008 6:30 PM EST
  • Where: (718) 508-9924 (or visit Toby’s channel on BlogTalkRadio, but note this link activates the last show with a preroll audio ad).

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