Cats Bark When We’re Not Listening

It’s topping YouTube’s trending videos… Finally proof that, just like cows standing when we’re not watching, cats bark… in this rare and exclusive footage, a cat is caught barking… but then cleverly reverts to meowing as if nobody caught it.

Well you’re busted, Mr. Whiskers. And you can tell your feline friends we’re onto them. We also are awaiting your massive exodus via an alien cat spaceship.

Gary Larson Discovered Cows Stand When Humans Aren't Watching

YouTube Allows Special Tubers To Post Past 15 Minutes

YouTube will now allow hand-picked compliant Tubers to post clips longer than 15 minutes.

“This is incredible news to me, and I plan to post more than 24 hours of footage a day,” said Charles Trippy in a quote I made up. “I’ll now be able to post footage from 5 different cameras and allow viewers to select what angle they view of my day.”

The vlogger, who has been posting every day for the past 4 years (estimate) will also take advantage of the increased free bandwidth by posting his entire library of outtakes.

“There were 72 minutes of mistakes from my celebrated “Puppy vs. Mirror” video that have not seen light of day,” continued Trippy in my fake interview. “I’m thrilled, and I know my sock accounts will rate my additional footage “thumbs up.”