Mint & Treats Cereal Spoof (from 1980s)

In moving over my Google Video clips to YouTube I ran into this retro commercial spoof. Like “Woodblock Doll,” it’s another commercial parody. That was pretty much the first 10 years of my video shorts: either commercial parodies or mock horror videos (ala “Attack of the Killer Slinky“).

While cleaning up my dad’s office this week in New Orleans, I found a GE camcorder that must have predated my Panasonic. It must have weighed 50 pounds, and the foam mic had corroded. So I stuck it right back on the shelf. No tossing that bad boy out yet.

Face Fail on Live German TV: “Jumping Stilts” Accident

As seen on TV: the jumping stilts (warning: do not attempt to jump over car heading toward you)

Remember the jumping stilts (kangaroo stilts) you may have discovered on YouTube around 2007 (see SMPFilms video)? It’s probably not a good idea to use them to jump over the moving car your dad is driving.

Sir? You have a collect call from the Darwin Awards.

Here’s one for the Darwin Awards, Failblog, and “what did you think would happen?” file. Below is a video from the live broadcast of the German “Wetten Dass?” television show December 4, 2010… it’s not a pretty site, and the accident occurs at seven minutes. The “kangaroo stilt jumper” (Samuel Koch) takes a serious face plant while attempting to jump over a moving vehicle driven by his father. It’s really quite grueling to watch. I suppose when you perform with tigers, they will occasionally eat you.

Naturally, as long as we are entertained by wild stunts, we’ll encourage people to take risks. Those risks will come with consequences that are quite horrific. If the kid lives, it would appear paralysis would be possible– if not likely. And that kinda puts my balcony fail in perspective. The next time I trip and fall, I think I’ll utter the extremely unsympathetic statement “now I know how Samuel Koch felt.”

According to the BBC: Koch, a 23-year-old German contestant on a German game show, was hospitalized over the weekend, had numerous surgeries to fix his back and neck fractures, and remains in a “critical stage.” He made several successful jumps, but the live broadcast ended abruptly after the fail.  The show, which has been airing for about 30 years, is called”Wetten Dass?” It translates to “Want to Bet?” To read fairly comprehensive coverage with photos, see this DailyMall (UK) article. And if you get really obsessed, here’s more.

Again- not something to watch if you have a weak stomach. I caught the story on NBC, so of course I instantly searched recent videos with the words related to the story. I can only imagine what Sxephil and Failblog will do with this. It’s kinda sick to derive humor for it, but then again… I’d love to hear the “what were you thinking” answer from the network or television show’s safety crew.

In related news, Justin Bieber cancelled his appearance on the show. So if you want to see a young singer swallow razor blades while swimming through a piranha tank… you’re going to have to surf YouTube.

Tasty Butterfinger Channel on Yahoo Video

I noticed that my Cockroach prank video had a sudden surge on Yahoo Video, where I otherwise don’t get many views. Occasionally the kind editors at Yahoo Video will show one of my videos some love, but I’ve yet to get a recurring audience or much feedback. Perhaps the Yahoo folks will find the Attack of the Easter Puppy worthy. Either way, I can’t stop watching it. I think I’ll go play it on my AppleTV to annoy my wife.

attack of the easter puppy

Anyway, I did have a point here. I found myself impressed by the Butterfinger Comedy Channel… pranks, comedy, The Onion, consumer-generated clips, epic fails. All in one convenient, and well branded section.

Try it out the next time you need to kill 20 minutes in your boring job. Or at home if you’re unemployed. Or in the library if you’re homeless. And while you’re at it, you can think back fondly to my Butterfingers contest entry where I play a 38-year-old living with his mama and dad. Then there’s the ensuing Fox interview I did about it later.

Wow I drifted on this post. But it’s nice to have Google’s search and several years of online videos when you have no memory. Do you suppose Google will ever index your memories? Wait- I know that dude. Search fried brain cells.

Butterfinger Yahoo Channel