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  1. Hey Nalts, I saw something wrong on tv, it was the top 40 superstars of the internet and you weren’t in it! I was waiting and waiting to see you come on and you never did? Whats happened?


  3. i lookt at you mall video and every body in my hous was sleeping and i was laghing sooooooooooooooooooooo hard im pritty shor i woke thim up my older sister came in and asked me what was so funny im pritty shor she was mad but i shode her the video and was ok a gin

  4. Nalts, you have a gift and you use it well. Laughter goes hand in hand with Joy. The ability you have to whip these videos out of your mind, displays your true heart! Your family is very lucky to have you, especially your children. I can’t remember the last time I got in a garbage can (If I can fit) and have my wife bowl me over in my front yard. Halarious!

    Best wishes,

  5. I really really want to hire you for something!!! I will think of something… I will! I will! When I become really really wealthy, I’d like to hire you full time (you’d only have to hang for a couple of hours) to tape my life… and play pranks on people…. Making laughter a full time job… ahhhhhh… you make the world a beautiful place!

  6. haha thats sooo cool how do i hire you, i mean, what would you do? i wanna be a camera-girl when i grow up, taping movies.

  7. nalts can you be in my video please, at the mpoent i have 10 people one of thiose is what the buck so please can you be in. contact me my youtube name is “WhiteHatBoi”.

  8. Horseface says ‘Teenage fart boy hilarious!!! Classic Nalts!!’

    Strangely enough Me and a good friend did this at a tourist attraction in the UK called Blackpool, but we used the ball that you put the powder in that you put in the washing machine on our bellies to make fart noises. We feigned having eaten a hot spicy Indian Rogun Josh curry, bent over and farted wildly!!! We got pure and wonderful reactions!!

    Nurse!!! Bring the hypodermic!!!

    Horseface says ‘Neigh for world peace

  9. Hi Kevin,

    I have this site that started as a joke and turned into something amazing. I love your stuff and think you will relate to it. I wound up putting together an academy award nominated director of photography, two LA casting directors, and a motley but talented production crew to create an interactive experience where a hooker with a heart of gold and a sense of humor gives advice on men and women.

    The site is about to launch and I am looking for a consultant to help plan how to promote it. I’d be honored if you would spend the time to take a look at it and contact me if you think you could be of help.

    It’s password protected before it launches, so you need to log into askallura.com with
    userid: restricted password @ccessT3mp

    Your fan,

    David Katz

  10. Hi, Nalts. I watch your youtube videos all the time and I see you have almost 600 and in the past two years, were all those videos filmed in the past two years or just added? And also, how do you think of so many ideas that havent been done yet? You can leave answers on my comments box on youtube (username:Tlev1023) or here. Thanks a lot, love your videos.

  11. hey nalts,i’m from Singapore,asia basically,one of the smallest country in the world,.
    i’m wondering if i can hire you for a hundred US bucks.

    i’m just a 16 year old looking for some fun.

    hmmmm….can i adopt spencer?

  12. Hi,

    We are possibly interested in including your video on our NBC HOLIDAY HOME VIDEO TV SPECIAL. We will pay $250 if winds up on our broadcast. Call me immediately to discuss further. Today is October 14th and we are located in Los Angeles. CALL ME IMMEDIATELY!!!

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  13. I am looking for a music video producer for a humorous song sort of a cross between Billy Joel and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog. What do you charge?

  14. hey nalts wat up i waz worderin if u could give me advice on outside pranks i had sum ideas but i wanna 2 here ur opion becuz ur a exper @ that kinda stuff and i wanna b a expert 2 from cameron sloane ps. tell spencer i said he is funny as jackass and i wat up bye

  15. Sent an email several days ago and never heard back. It was Thanksgiving weekend, so maybe I should cut you some slack 😉


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  18. I can’t read your ugly website. Its too forest green and the fonts and words are too smashed together. You should consider hiring a web designer. Oh you have one? Well he fucking sucks. And so does your content.

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  22. hi,

    first of all, thank you for putting your video online. Your tips helped me get a decent score; 19 billions so far, obviously not as good as your highscore but im getting better every day.

    So, what i’d like to know about your video is that you say you can get a x100 multiplier! Thing is, when i give lord ferocius a special condo (most of the time just before megazone), i only get a x10 multiplier. Not x100.
    How do you manage to have x100? Cause i guess this is the key to reach huge scores 🙂

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    What about you.

    Thx in advance


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