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kevin, nalty, viral, video, marketing, youtubeKevin “Nalts” Nalty is the only career marketer who doubles as one of YouTube’s most-viewed entertainers – with 1,000 videos seen more than 300 million times (see YouTube).

Nalty is the author of “Beyond Viral,” (Wiley & Sons) and was a Marketing Product Director at Johnson & Johnson and Merck. He has consulted with some of the best-known brands to increase awareness, connect with customers and drive sales —  including Starbucks, General Mills, Crowne Plaza, Mars, Coke, Kodak and Fox Broadcasting. Nalty launched Nalts Consulting in 2009 to help leading brands leverage online-video. He is a sought-after speaker, and his videos have been seen on CNN, NBC, MTV and BBC.

Through his unique experience as a career marketer, digital strategist and popular YouTuber, Nalty has helped leading brands engage meaningfully and sustainably  in emerging media. Nalty has worked in traditional consulting (KPMG Consulting), advertising (GSW Advertising) and digital (Qwest Internet Solutions).
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  1. I’m working on a video manipulation startup – prelaunch, no site on the web yet. If you can send me or post your email address (couldn’t find it on your blog), I’d like to send you some sample output.

  2. Hi,

    I just discovered your blog. Great stuff and right up my alley. I’m releasing an indie movie online a few minutes per day. It’s a comedy called “Working Stiff.” If you’re interested, the main web site is http://projectworkingstiff.com. There’s a blog/download site, too. It’s been less than a week but people seem to like it.

    I’ve got a lot of reading to do on your site…



  3. How can I get a copy of the “Lay Me off” ?? I loved it !!! I can’t find it now. Not even in Nalts’ blog and video page. Help! I want to find it again!

  4. Nick: Just upload your video to Revver.com and post the HTML they gave you (instead of serving your own videos). If your visitor clicks on the link (about 3-4 percent do) then you make money. That’s it.
    MB/Chris: I had to yank it because some of the actors on “LAY ME OFF” got a bit worried about the publicity it was getting in our company after Yahoo.com.

  5. Do you think you might post it some where again when things die down? These things pass (eventually). I really want to view it again!

  6. I have written a post about WillVideoForFood and the impact of viral videos and YouTube on my blogg at http://www.usablogg.org. Since the post is in Swedish it may be somewhat difficult to read but the gist of it is that with YouTube we are entering a new era where videos distributed over the Web will play an increasingly crucial role on the Internet, not the least for blogs. Hardly an earthshaking discovery but not everyone in Sweden realizes that as yet.

    Enjoy your videos, they’re great!

  7. Great site, very informative….and I like your vids, particularly the youtube rave, very funny.

    I´m an Aussie currently in Spain. I am setting up an online travel video site http://www.overlander.tv where I interview a local person at each location I visit.

    Did you know Spain´s female to male population ratio is 7:1, fantastico!



  8. I say you should write the book. I don’t know any publishers though. But if you do get a book deal, here are some books I would like to write:

    Intergalactic: How the Next World War Will Also Include Other Worlds

    The Life of 3.14: Not Quite Pi, But Close

    Shadows and Lies: How the Harrison Administration Destroyed the Constitution

    Alternate Reality: How Time Travel Has Affected Us So Far

  9. Hmm, I watched your video on this buyout thing on youtube. Then I came to your site and I can’t get any of your videos to play. So I’m going back to youtube now.

  10. Hey Kevin-

    Just came across your site, and no, not because of an “Ego Search.” Nice work you’ve done. Very funny stuff.

    Just getting into video myself, so I’m sure I’ll be around to pick up more pointers.

    Later Days!
    Chris “Nalts” Nalty 😉

    BTW: My nephew’s name is Kevin Nalty…but he’s only five years old.

  11. Hey Kevin,

    just came accross your site. I think it’s fantastic. My company has just jumped into the online video world and your commentary helps to keep everyone here ‘in the conversation’. I’ll be launching a blog about online video with B5 media later this week. I’ll be sure to give you a shout-out when I get up and running.

    It would be great to get your feedback on our show. The basic premise is that myself and a director (both of us are 23) brought two backpackers to Europe for the summer with one goal in mind: to live and capture the ultimate Euro-trip. We spent nine weeks travelling through 25 cities, partying it up and living the life. We’re telling our tales through 60 short episodes that are released bi-weekly through our site at http://www.endlesseurope.com . We’re in an akward position, because our episodes are a bit too long to take advantage of the true viral marketing strategies; that said, we have some ideas for how we might be able to get out there. If you’re interested, it would be great to throw these ideas off of you and see what you think .



  12. Dear Kevin Nalts,

    I heard you on the IFP panel at the Puck Building in September with the guy who started revver– (I’ve since very much enjoyed your REVVER’S INTERNS).

    Now I’ve got one question– which I asked you from the mike in September but didn’t know how specific I had to be.

    How do I get a 16mm short , transferred to DVD, onto the hard drive of the computer? Short of shooting it with a digital camera off the television screen, I’m at a loss.

    Thanks for your help.

    Anne Flournoy

  13. I need help! I love your blog and I used it to come up with some of my ideas for my video. I got on Fox News (national) because of my video and got on digg twice because of the video. I really need youtube to feature my video. If you have time please stop by my blog and give me some advice.

    I have something there that you can get for free too.

    Check it out.

    We will video for kids with LD!

    Paul Sanchez

    I also would love to talk to you about your post:
    “How do I get on the Youtube Homepage”

  14. Hi Kevin,

    I’ve just started my viral video education. I’m very excited!! It’s a whole new world! I hope I’ll be left alone this weekend to begin.

    The first thing I want to learn is protecting your videos from identity theft. Is a watermark or logo in a corner of a video good enough? And does the watermark have to be an official copyrighted name or company that I (currently don’t) own?

    It would be great if you had any ideas!

    Samantha 🙂

  15. Hey, 

    I left a post about this on the youtube site, but I figured I’d ask 
    you a question about it directly.  Thirty-two short films about Glenn Gould has this video Gould on Gould where he interviews himself, or rather, the guy playing Gould interviews himself with a transcript Gould wrote.  It’s not intended to be funny so much as sardonic.  I thought you might get a kick out of it, (or maybe have been influenced by it or something similiar.)

    Very funny stuff, 
    Thanks alot, 

  16. Hi Mr Nalty.

    I would like to see a video reprimanding the indescriminate and thoughtless use of the term ‘lol’. This word is flung around by all and sundry in a way that is more akin to punctuation. I love the english language. I know it is a dynamic and living quality thing, I just reckon when a common phrase morphs into an acronym and then becomes meaningless…Well, it makes me want to power vomit. Incidently, the word ‘synergy’ often makes my backside itch. And don’t get me started on rotfl etc. As you are such a prolific auteur, perhaps you would consider addressing these things in one of your talkies.

    Absolutely love your work.


    Simon Gross

    ps. It will fascinate you to know that I have made a film which can be seen on youtube.

  17. You’re a beautiful person, your soul is as pure as the sanctuary of your confidence that keeps you pressing on through overwhelming odds.

    I’m not sure what these odds are and I don’t REALLY know what your soul looks like, but I thought it looked deep and I think you’re a funny guy, particularly what I just watched on youtube. lol@internet

  18. Dear Mr. Nalty:

    I saw the “Video Genius” piece in Youtube.com. Very funny!

    “Je ne foie gras”! Indeed!

    Thanks for making us laugh by reminding us of how pompous and self-important we can sometimes be.


    Chris Camacho
    San Juan, PR

  19. Dear Mister Nalty, I think yore videos are gay. Esspeshally the one where yous reckon yous is a Virral Video Genus. Why doncha get a reel life?

    Malcolm R. Lambe
    Chef Exitkitif
    Miserable Producshons
    (makers of “FIZZER”)
    Gay Paree

  20. Mr. Nalty:
    I discovered you when YouTube featured your video and have enjoyed everyone of your videos. You are a Viral Video Genius. I recommend you to all of my friends. Each day when I log onto YouTube I look for a new video from you. If there is not a new one, my entire day is ruined.

  21. I found an awsome widget that lets me know when you have new videos up lol, So far it’s been slow in finding your videos, but it makes sure I don’t miss any 😛

    No. 35 is definately a good boost of inspiration. Maybe the “Chef Exitkitif of Miserable Producshons” could interview you as he seems to love you so much 🙂

  22. Tripple Helix…

    Can you share the widget tool? That’s a niec thing to know about.

    Oh- talked to BBC. They’re using Viral Video Genius in a show. Can you TiVo it?

  23. Arrghhh… You’ll need to tell me the time and day of the show… (That’s a must) I’ll try and record it on sky + or something then sift it onto dvd then onto here.

    The widget is ‘http://www.sport-monkey.com/’ “The YouTube Widget v2” Sadly you can only use one as everytime you reset it’ll set your last assigned youtuber to them all, I did have nalts, gootubeconspiracy and wifeofnalts. Only to find nalts on all three the next day.

    Do you have AIM or anything?

  24. saw your video bored at the mall…that it was hilarious…i knew the mall looked familiar….go to the one all the time i believe…all in all..you just spoke for the entire male population..:)

  25. First time I’ve seen this posting. That might be where to cubebreak.com address came from.

    I could write a book out of this one posting. Course it would be short. And dull.

    But don’t sell yourself short. Heck, you GRADUATED from GU.

  26. Hiya,

    I came accross your site after my ponderings of a small web project fabricated dreams of a themed video hosting site.

    During thse ponderings, I basically asked myself “What do I have, or what can I do, that makes me an interesting person, or a more knowledgeable person, than someone else out there”. I listed the things that made me, ‘me’, on a piece of papaer, and then went back over my own list.

    As well as realising I was a very shallow and un-interesting and un-educated person, I did learn that I was extremely fascinated by the bizzarre and intriguing taste created when mixing 3 special ingredients: Humour, Sex and violence.

    Delving into my uneducated past, I remembered back to the days of my 8 week business course, and how a good business strategy targets the right audience, while maintaining a high enough level of ‘mainstream’ to keep a large customer base. So while my visitors would not be consumers, I would still need something thats interesting enough to make people stay in my little world, yet vague enough to tempt ‘wanders by’ to browse around inside.

    And so came up the idea of Fight-Vids.co.uk

    Actually I just really liked the fact that the domain had not been taken! If I could mix subtle violence, with subtle sex, with subtle humour, perhaps the dish I would prepare would be tasty and unique?

    With these exciting business ideas still fresh in my head, I finished peeing on my neighbours lawn and came inside to e-mail a close friend.

    Now I wont bore you with the further details that came inbetween… however http://www.fight-vids.co.uk is been created as we speak (my ‘web development team’ happen to enjoy certain recreational activities a little too often, and hence technical progress is slow) and I would hope that the posts within your blog, and your excellent Revvver videos, will continue to guide us on our mis-guided journey to Online Video Entertainment!

    Kind Regards Nalts
    Liam Gooding
    Soon-to-be owner of http://www.fight-vids.co.uk

  27. Mr. Nalty,
    Wow,I didn’t realize you were this big on the internet. I just thought you made videos and posted them different places for the fun of it. I’ve always thought I would like a part time job to make some xtra money (if it turned into a full time job all the better) but I haven’t come up with anything yet. I’ve heard a lot of people talking about making money off of Blogs but I’ve never heard how much (I realize it depends on how many hits you get). I’m not sure there is actually a question in here. I like your videos I guess I was wondering how big you would have to be to actually make a living at it?

    I enjoyed #29 also.

  28. Mr. Nalty,
    I realize there is a great deal of talent involved in what you do.

  29. In obsessively searching around this blog for something I haven’t already seen or read, I discovered the revver prank call. I lol’ed, LMFAO, then ROFL.

    Commenter #26 — prepare to power vomit.

  30. lol, I like the video where Spencer uses his fart machine to create “farts”, then pretends to not hear them.

    Farting will ALWAYS be funny, no matter WHO you are!!!


  31. Entertaining bored cube workers? Like me? I don’t even have a cube – but CubeBreak.com is now one of my favorites. And this blog is hilarious. Let me know when your book is available. BTW, how do you find time for all these after work and family activities? I’m truly impressed!

  32. hey naltz,

    longtime fan first time sender of a message. I’m curious, along with your great thoughtout videos comes along the music that complemenates it, so my question is, where do you get the music?

    thankyou for reading, hope to hear from you



  33. yo wassup i’m from england and i saw your ‘farting in public’ video on youtube. omg your guys are so funny i gave my whole school the address and you are a legand great site btw 😉

    i aint giving u my name lol but keep in touch on message board

  34. hey its me again just wanted to say you should get siome stik bombs or something or fart gas (all can be gotten on ebay) and then set the stink off and do the noise at the same time

    watch em sqirm!

    *cough* hahahahahahahahahaha *cough, cough* hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! lol i am bored

  35. i’m sweating like a monkey eating fried grapes

    btw i completed 3 nintendo wii games and then i threw the controller and brock my mirror! now thats bad 🙂

  36. Oh man Nalts, now I realize why one out of five Austin bands I request permission to record give me a dirty look and say NO!!
    I don’t know which is worse, those who reject my purely altruistic efforts or the ones who tell me about every gig they have booked for the next three months in hopes that I’ll show up with my camera in hand and feed the tip bucket. My wife commented just yesterday that all I have succeeded in doing is getting people to boss me around for free. I don’t think she likes the competition.

  37. hey guys, does spencer have instant messenger or some sort of email address, id love to talk to him about his stunts, and get to know him a lil better. badge

  38. Hey Great Vidios!!! Make More With Both Spencer And Dylan( They Are Sooooo Sute) 😉

  39. Hey Nalts, I am an idealistic pre-pubescent with a heart of gold. Your whimsome videos set my soul aflutter! Truly this is the modern-day Peter Pan, the hero to lead us all in the fight against the innocence-robbing, soul-crushing laws of accepted adult behavior

    then I realized that you’re some kind of salesman advertsing dude who does commercials for mentos and is only in it for the money and I said momy my soul just broke

    lil’ olly

  40. Hey Nalts,
    You are an inspiration in my life. Every day while I am at school I think of suicide, but then I think of what new stupidly funny yet entertaining video you will have posted next. You are my hero

    From the one with no name,

  41. NALTS!!! NALTS!!!! there’s no place you can hide that i cant find you in this virtual playground. hee hee haa haa ho ho Willie ownka, willie wonka, the amazing chocolate king.

  42. Nalts, Nalts, I know it’s not your fault… but you’re awesome. Thanks for all the entertainment, commercial or otherwise. If you ever need an online extra for a video, hit me up, I love collaborations.

  43. Hey nalts,
    i was wondering how many kids do you have? it seems you have more in each video…

    Hannah Jo

  44. Hey Nalts,

    I just wanted to say that I love what you are doing for the rest of us video people. Thanks for all the advice, links and general information. Keep us the good work.


  45. Hello Nalts,

    Hello Nalts,

    Your videos have become very inspirational for me. I studied film in school and it’s been hard to maintain the same flare and drive. I can see that there’s a lot more going on in your videos than meets the eye; you’ve unleashed a new form of video-art, broken down stereotypes of what “adults” should be, and made the world a better place with some of the most hysterical extravaganzas on the internet.

    Keep up the great work! I look forward to each new video and will always cherish the classics!

  46. Hi Nalts,

    I enjoy your videos very much, I like content based on great ideas more than big production budgets. I’m a founder of an online video sharing company something like Metacafe.com (but much cooler) which will be privately releasing next month. My site’s content will only feature the coolest and best quality user generated videos and I would like to invite some of yours to be added. We give you $5/1,000 views like Metacafe, so you will get compensation for your cool work. I will invite you to my company’s private beta testing next month so look for an email, it will be great to have you and your videos in front of my viewer audience. Let me know what you think Nalts, keep up the great work, and I look forward to your future videos.

  47. Pingback: MediaChannel.org
  48. “Farting in Public”

    hi, i am a professional video editor /producer /director.
    since youtube is going to its limit to make sure i never get an account.
    i just figured i would suggest a remake of the “Farting in Public” bit

    this time go out and buy some “fart spray” at your local mall , wow dollar store
    or some kind of magic shop. have the kid spray it right after the sounds
    and you should get twice as much of an reaction.

  49. Bullshit: “Consumer Product Director at a Fortune 100 Company”

    Google your name and that title and you get 12 hits. My guess is “Unemployed Fast Food Worker Stealing WiFi from a Neighbor”

    How pathetic.

  50. I actually found a working version of Android Demo or Gphone… what ever it’s called. It’s just like the video, but ads are being popped on a live telephone call.

    Nalts – please make another video or version 2.0 using a working version! Calls can be placed from blog.heycosmo.com

  51. New video contest just launched @ http://www.fuelthechange.com – $10K grand prize; $5K viewers choice prize; or three $1250 prizes PLUS a chance to get aired, or discovered/recognized ;), during the 2008 Indy 500 on ABC in May… seems like a great opportunity for folks like yourself.

    We look forward to seeing your creative submissions soon!

  52. Hello – just surfed away the pre-lunch on revverberation! Hope all is well & glad to get an e.mail for ya! (I hope!). Regards to the fam, t

  53. Sup Nalts, I know your busy, and don’t have time to respond to every message you get on you tube, so i thought you’d have a better chance of seeing it here. You probably don’t remember me, but i made a movie a while back of me and my two friends getting chased by a monster lawn mower. Well that video never became viral. Anyways we have been hard at work on a new series called “Stupid Mario Brothers” and it is doing a lot better. Episode 1 got over 7,000 views in four weeks, which is good for me lol. Anyways just thought maybe you could check them out and help spread the word if you like them. Episode seems really dumb now compared to episode 5, so maybe check that out first lol. – Richalvarez

  54. Hello,
    *This isn’t Spam, Not a Virus, Won’t Steal Your Kidney, Not Trying to Give You Money from a Dead Nigerian Uncle…*
    Just looking for some help sharing our work.
    I’m working on a creative project at the design agency RED and we’ve produced a series of funny webisodes about the rise and fall of one of America’s greatest sports mascots.  The videos are funny (well, we think so) and we want to get them out there to an audience who might enjoy the entertainment.  The webisodes feature some pretty cool digital animations.
    There are three episodes that will launch over the next several days. The first episode launched on Break.com this morning:
    You can learn more at: http://www.bethebone.com
    Would love to hear your thoughts and happy to answer any questions.


    Hi Kevin,

    We are running a video competition, and in Googling to see how many social bookmarking sites have picked it up, I came across an old blog post of yours – 10 tips for video competitions. Fortunately we are a family business and can’t afford to make most of the mistakes you mention!

    Anyway, just thought I’d let you know in case you’d like to enter.

    Short version: writing a book to raise money for microfinance charity, topic of book – raising financially independent kids. We will be profiling seven young entrepreneurs, five big names (like Ben Casnocha) and the two winners of our YouTube video competition.

    Video to be 2 minutes or less, on YouTube, tagged “cash smart kids”.

    Competition details at:

    Runners up will be listed in the book with the URL of their website (if they have one), and featured in the marketing activity around the book launch. Publicity plus!

    I am now heading off to my blog to do a follow-up post advising everyone entering the competition to come over here and read your blog for tips!

    This is such fun ….

    Jenny Ford
    Blogging at: http://raisingentrepreneurs.org/blog

  56. I have website that I started two years ago. I post pictures, videos, and of course the occasional commentary. I don’t get much exposure outside my group of friends who visit the site. Can you offer me any advice? Feel free to check out my website, http://www.momentwithwill.com.

    I appreciate your time.

  57. Kevin! all your videos are so good.
    It’s really cool to see everything you do.
    I hope that we will see yall soon like maybe at the tree farm or something

  58. Hey kevin,

    what song is that on your video you had on your profile page with the old lady saying she is disturbed, then has the rock song showing all of your merchandise. I love that song and love that video. Please let me know

  59. Hey kevin,

    what song is that on your video you had on your profile page with the old lady saying she is disturbed, then has the rock song showing all of your merchandise. I love that song and love that video. Please let me know, i would appreciate it

  60. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THIS IS HILARIOUS. What the fuck are all of you idiots doing posting comments on this site asking this guy for money for your “feature film” or asking him if he watched your latest video that “didn’t get viral.” HAHFAHFAWOFHAWOFHAOH i’m losing my mind here, but clearly I’m not as crazy as over half of you idiots posting comments.

  61. Hey Nalts, It’s my first time seeing your videos and their alsome, what or how it feel to be a “youtube celebritie”, I bet its exciting, hope for more of your videos.

    P.S. I fav my left hand too(lol), no I don’t

  62. hey nalts,

    i’v seen a lot of your videos and i absolutly LOVE THEM!!!! my family and i love your videos and i really hope you keep on making them. i loved your mall pranks video it was awsome!

  63. Sir
    that front page story by Brian Stelter from Maryland journo school, shades of jason Blair?, just joking, is that story a faked story. ? Just asking. did the editors of the NYTimes check to make sure Buckley REALLY has pauyments of 20,000 bucks a month, 100,000 bucks a year, in his bank account. did they see the receipts. I smell a rat here. i think this story was a highly embellished faked story…show me the money receipts…..i say

    I wrote to the times and they are looking into this now

    don’t be fooled by novice reporters doing front page stories. i might be wrong. i often am. but check it out first…

  64. Your book is nice. I’m a youtuber too and my username is: ljte007. I am not as popular as you on youtube but rather wanted to be popular as yours. my only (my most) popular video in youtube is entitled “Amazing Guitar (Hero- Original composition)”. but i only have 500 plus subscribers. Could you help me with that my friend? Hope I could collaborate with you but I am not worthy. 🙂


  65. I would like to post you farting in the library video on my Seven year old’s site called Fartingpoems.com Logan almost cried laughing so hard after we stumbled upon it.

    Good Job


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