Second-Best Guest in Recent “This Week in Media”

“Kevin just does a great job of bringing together the advertising perspective and creator perspective of social media and online video,” says Daisy Whitney, Queen of Online Video, in reference to this blog. Whitney is now working with iMediaConnection, which was news to me during this week’s “This Week in Media“ (I’m one of two … Continue reading “Second-Best Guest in Recent “This Week in Media””

Why Are Ray William Johnson and Maker Studio Separating?

Why is YouTube’s most subscribed creator, Ray William Johnson, planning to separate from the largest online-video studios (OVC definition)? In perhaps the most interesting online-video news of 2012, the YouTube personality announced this week that he would be splitting from Maker Studios. See news stories by Variety, The Wrap,  LA Biz, and NewMediaRockstars. Johnson started creating his “=3” … Continue reading “Why Are Ray William Johnson and Maker Studio Separating?”

The Intersection of Social Media and Video: 8 Tips

Let’s pretend we all share a common definition of social media. Video’s role toward that should be obvious. It’s another way to be social, and arguably more media. While online-video isn’t all social, it’s hard to imagine having a robust social-media presence without video. At the least, video is more social than the written word, … Continue reading “The Intersection of Social Media and Video: 8 Tips”

NYU Professor Mounts Camera on Back of Head

No doubt tired of the student’s “kick me I’m a unibrow” signs put on his ass, an NYU professor had a camera mounted surgically to the back of his head. No, really. I’m not kidding. If I made this up, I’d have made it less weird. Wafaa Bilal, a professor at New York University, had … Continue reading “NYU Professor Mounts Camera on Back of Head”

TechCrunchTV Debates Crowdsourcing Creative, Sucks

The Gap logo disaster brought attention to crowdsourced creative, and the issue is debated in this awkward cable-TV-like debate about the rights and wrongs of crowdsourced creative. Occasionally we get to hear from GeniusRocket’s CEO Peter LaMotte (who happens to be the guest of the segment), but mostly co-hosts Sarah Lacy and Paul “I like … Continue reading “TechCrunchTV Debates Crowdsourcing Creative, Sucks”

Phone-Driven Television Arrives

Ladies and gentlemen I present the future of The Boob Tube: we shift from our cable boxes and laptops to… HDTV viewing driven by words you search via your exo-brain (you need to stop calling it a phone, or else it’s going to get a complex). Yes your phone is your remote, and your television … Continue reading “Phone-Driven Television Arrives”

I Was a Knife on Annoying Orange

I’ve had only been a few days on YouTube as exciting as today! I finally made a cameo as MR. KNIFE GUY on Annoying Orange, the show created by Daneboe/Gagfilms. Honestly I find it more rewarding appearing in a video by someone I admire, than making my own videos. Dane sent me the script last … Continue reading “I Was a Knife on Annoying Orange”

Samsung Calls Consumer Reports “Not Honorable”

Samsung CEO Geesung Choi called Consumer Union, the non-profit product-testing organization behind Consumer Reports magazine, “not honorable.” Choi on Monday cited the October 2010 issue of the magazine, which gave Samsung low scores on high-definition and standard-definition video camcorders. “American magazine making JVC and Sony best-buy awards is insult to my family and character,” said Choi … Continue reading “Samsung Calls Consumer Reports “Not Honorable””

DIY Guide to Viral Video

The law, friends. Take out your #2 pencils and steno pads. You’re about the learn The Nalts/Murphy “Inverse Creation & Consumption” Law. And you can get a free copy of my book, which doubles as a decorative monitor stand. The gal pictured above — contorted like a memorable scene from Exorcist — is journalist, speaker and … Continue reading “DIY Guide to Viral Video”

YouTube Stars And Their Estimated Income

How much money do YouTube stars make? TubeMogul used some ad-sharing revenue estimates and view counts to guestimate the annual income of YouTube partners like Shaycarl, Daneboe, and AnnoyingOrange. These estimates don’t capture the 5-30k these guys can earn from a sponsored video. Posting from iPhone hence the terse post and lack of lovely image … Continue reading “YouTube Stars And Their Estimated Income”