Bert Healy from Annie: “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile”

My son and I were in Annie over the weekend, and I played Bert Healy, the host of the Oxydent Hour of Smiles. He sings “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile.” Yeah I bought a Barber Shop hat (Skimmer) but the director wanted me in this little baseball hat.

The video is annotated to hopefully help others who are cast as Bert Healy. I found a ton of YouTube videos with great singers, but few that helped identify quirks to give the character.

Here’s the video that wifeofnalts took. 🙂

Here are the lyrics and dialogue…

Annie: Sings Maybe Applause HEALY: Thank you, Annie. Thank you, Annie. On America’s favorite radio program, “The Oxydent Hour of Smiles,” starring your old softy, Bert Healy. Applause HEALY: A moment of tears…. (whisper to Annie)…. Say something! Annie: Thank you, Bert Healy. HEALY: But, still, remember folks… Wacky: Smile, darn ya, smile. HEALY: Right, Wacky. Smile, darn ya, smile. Sound effect of door and feet Jimmy: Say Wacky, who’s that who just walked into our WEAF studio? Wacky: Why it’s none other than that wealthy industrial and Wall Street tycoon, Oliver Warbucsks Applause HEALY: Now, Oliver Warbucks, I understand that you have something – to tell the folks at home – about wonderful little Annie here. Warbucks: Yes, good evening….. the night of December 31st, 1922 HEALY: And aren’t you now conducting a coast-to-coast nation-wide search for Annie’s parents? Warbucks: Yes Bert Healy… I am now conducting a coast-to-coast nation-wide search for Annie’s parents. Furthermore, I’m offering a certified check for 50,000 dollars to any persons who can prove that they are Annie’s parents. Annie: Wow HEALY: Wow! So Annie’s parents, if you’re listenin’ in… write to Oliver Warbucks care of this station, WEAF, New York, or directly at him at… Warbucks: At my home, Bert Healy. HEALY: Make him speak up) Warbucks: At my home… At my home Bert Healy, 987 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York Wacky: That’s 987 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York HEALY: Goodnight, Oliver Warbucks and thanks for dropping by. So Annie’s parents… if you’re listenin’ in, there’s 50,000 dollars and a wonderful daughter waiting for you. So get in touch right away, ya hear? Jimmy: Hey Mr. Healy, isn’t it time once again for the lovely Boylan Sisters? HEALY: It most certainly is, Jimmy Applause HEALY: Well I see by the old clock on the wall that another of our Thursday night get-togethers has gone by faster than you can say… Boylan: O X Y D E N T HEALY: The toothpaste of the stars Boylands: To make your teeth Hollywood bright HEALY: So for all of the “Hour of Smiles” family … Ronnie, Bobbie & Connie… the lovely Boylan Sisters. Wacky: And wacky Jimmy: And Jimmy Johnson, radio’s only masked announcer HEALY: This is Bert Healy, saying… Hey, hobo man, Hey, dapper Dan * You’ve both got your style * But, brother, you’re never fully dressed * Without a smile! Your clothes may be * beau brummelly * They stand out a mile, but, brother you’re never fully dressed * Without a smile! Who cares what they’re wearing * On main street or Saville Row * It’s what you wear from ear to ear, * And not from head to toe, * That matters. So, senator, So, janitor, So long for a while. Remember you’re Never fully dressed, Though you may wear your best. You’re never fully dressed Without a smile Smile! Smile! WALK TO WARBUCKS, ANNIE & GRACE Hang out When Boylan Sisters sing … SMILE HEALY: Yes, this is your old softie, Mrs. Healy’s boy, Bert… saying until next week, same time, same station…. I almost forgot… good night!