YouTube Prankster, Edbassmaster, Debuts Television Show

Another YouTuber is moving to mainstream with “The Ed Bassmaster Show” premiering on Country Music Television (CMT) this Thursday, April 14, at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Bassmaster is a YouTube comedian and prankster from Philadelphia, and has garnered a half-billion YouTube views featuring his alter egos like Skippy (the lovable yet annoying nerd who oversteps boundaries), Mumbles (unintelligible accent) and Teste (his low-IQ Philly cross-eyed dude).

Skippy is one of the dozens of freakishy funny characters played by Ed Bassmaster
Skippy is one of the dozens of freakishly funny characters played by Ed Bassmaster

Click to see the very funny trailer for the new Viacom show, which is produced by the folks who launched MTV hits like “Teen Wolf,” “Kesha: My Crazy Beautiful Life” and “The Andy Milonakis Show.”

This is one funny bastard and one of the nicest guys you’ll meet in the YouTube community. Nalts met the fellow prankster back in 2007, soon after he parodied me in a video. He later joined me in the YouTube Presidency as my VP running mate (or I might have ditched him for Winekone; I can’t be sure). And while shooting a documentary with Shaycarl at my house, we pranked him and watched him eat a worm. But few things amuse me more than the video he made of us called “Nalts Likes Dogs.” Feel free to sing along.

This article in the Guardian provides plenty more examples of how YouTubers are moving beyond the video-sharing site into television and film. It’s nice to see it happening to a humble and hysterical guy.

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  1. i been watching Ed bassmaster on the internet for years .I love all his characters , very funny and talented man. Its awsome to see him finally make it to Tv so now the whole world can laugh along with us who have been watching him on the net.I have never met Ed ive chatted with him a couple times on facebook or he responded to me on youtube a couple time . But i would love to shake Eds hand , during some ruff times in my life ive turned to watching his videos for a quick cheer me up , and it works every time .Skippy for president , cow pawn stank an a bartle doo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!love you Ed your friend daniel vierra !!!!!!!!

  2. A few months ago, there was a reality show about YT prankster Jack Vale on HLN. Tried watching and it was dreadful (that’s a kind description of what I thought). Haven’t heard anything about it for a while. And I have to say that MirandaSings on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee was pretty embarrassing to watch as well. Ed seems very funny and talented and I hope he enjoys great success. bartle doo

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