The “Engrish Owner’s Manual” for Self-Balancing Scooters

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Don’t let the child contact with animal cells

Last week I wrote about our new hoverboard and gave you some tips to find the best one for the least money. Now that I’ve had a chance to acclimate myself to it, I thought it would be a good chance to read the owner’s manual. Typically I don’t notice owner’s manuals until I find them in a closet and realize I’ve long since discarded the thing it describes.

“Charging mouth moist, don’t charge”

Well this one has some fun Engrish happening. I like to imagine that there’s this little boutique translation firm in China that represents itself as conversant in English, and nobody at these Chinese manufacturers has any reason to doubt its proficiency. Then this boutique, absent anyone who speaks or writes English, uses Google translate and hopes for the best.

Top 10 Engrish instructions in owner’s manual of Main MianShu drifting scooter

  1. WARNING: More than make you are in danger of falling weight
  2. When the Speed is greater than the specified speed, drifting scooter up, cock to limit speed within the safe speed.
  3. Using intelligent ticket I car security related matters need attention.
  4. You can learn driving in different terrain must slow down in case of unfamiliar terrain. Any time can’t let drifting scooter off the ground [WVFF note: that kinda sucks because I bought the hover board to fly over lakes to escape Biff).
  5. Has a history of heart disease, high blood pressure, and lack ego to protect consciousness of the old man hands the inconvenience banned driving.
  6. Do not allow the wet in the rain road, long distance driving backwards, high-speed, high-speed decay, speeding drifting scooter turn back.
  7. Design, test, or is not present in the personal transport related proof method and equipment for the medical safety, so the user must use drifting scooter without external force.
  8. Don’t let the child contact with animal cells.
  9. If you insist on driving at this time, damage is very easy to fall down, at the same time also can affect the service life of batteries.
  10. Charging mouth moist, don’t charge
Engrish warnings in the Chinese owner's manual for hoverboard electronic self-balancing scooters
Engrish warnings in the Chinese owner’s manual for hoverboard electronic self-balancing scooters

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