David Spade as Jeff Foxworthy: You Just May Be the Ebola Virus

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“You just might be the Ebola virus”

As the Ebola virus takes the national-news stage, I thought it was time to revisit and old classic. David Spade on Saturday Night Live impersonating Jeff Foxworthy’s “You May Just Be a Redneck.” The bit, prompted by Outcast’s debut, appeared on SNL’s Weekend Update with Norm McDonald.


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“You Just May Be the Ebola Virus.”

Norm MacDonald (source):

The #2 movie this week, “Outbreak,” continues to make news. It’s the story of a virus that gets out of control, causing death and widespread panic. It’s based on the true story of the Ebola Virus. Because most viewers don’t exactly understand what the Ebola Virus is, we’ve asked comedian Jeff Foxworthy, author of “You May Be A Redneck,” to help explain it. Jeff? 

Jeff Foxworthy (David Spade): Thank yew, Norm! Thank yew! Okay!

  • If yer a small bacterial virus that travels through the air or blood, and kills 9 out of 10 people infected within 24 hours of contact – then yew may be.. the Ebola Virus.
  • If, on yer W2 tax form, yew list as yer primary residence, the bloodstream of an African Zuzu monkey – by that fact alone, yew could be ID’ed as the Ebola Virus.
  • If the only time people can relax around yew, is when they’re wearing a Biosafety Level 4 Hazardous Ebola Virus-proof spacesuit – then yew’ve nominated yerself as a potential candidate to be elected the Ebola Virus.
  • If yer a Playboy centerfold and list as yer turn-ons: making people vomit uncontrollably and bleed out of their eyes and anus – then all arrows point to yew.. being the E. 
  • If yew walk into a room, and everyone sez, “Oh, no! It’s the Ebola Virus!” Then, perchance, there’s a blah blah! 
  • If your driver's license photo looks like this, you just may be the Ebola virus.
    If your driver’s license photo looks like this, you just may be the Ebola virus.

    If yer driver’s license photo looks like this.. [ holds up cartoon drawing of the Ebola Virus ] ..there’s a bleep-blop E Virus. 

  • If yew find yerself feelin’ jealous because the AIDS Virus gets more press than yew – then, maybe the Ebola Virus. 

If people see yew and run! 

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