Can YouTube’s Favorite Comedy Duo (Smosh) Make Good TV?

Variety reports that YouTube’s most popular comedy duo, Smosh, may be making its way to television. The YouTube veterans have hit 10 million subscribers, placing them as the #1 subscribed YouTube channels.

Writes Variety:

Alloy Digital, the company behind the top-ranked YouTube channel, is in talks with multiple cable networks about finding a second home for the talent across Smosh’s five channels, according to sources. Negotiations are focused on both scripted and non-scripted fare; Alloy is already signing up writers to support the expansion.

So can Smosh creators and actors, Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox, translate to TV? I believe they can. They’re funny, good looking and have shown their ability to attract and maintain an audience with bite-sized skits (Teleporting Fat Guy remains my favorite).

There’s finally some precedence too. Fred (Lucas Cruikshank) has done well with Nickelodeon. Daneboe has brought Annoying Orange to Cartoon Network. And Ray William Johnson apparently has a script deal with Fx.


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