Another Online-Video Sharing Site? Keek Raises $7 Million.

Keek raised $7 million to fuel a relatively new social-video sharing site, joining a crowded space including SocialCam, Viddy and Twitvid.

VatorNews announced, “Keek is a social video network that lets people upload video snippets of just about anything from their mobile phones. It’s a bit like Twitter but what’s shared isn’t 140-character Tweets, but rather 36-second Keeks. Toronto-based Keek announced Tuesday that it’s raised $7 million for its social video network from Toronto-based Cranson Capital Securities, as well as Pinetree Capital and Whitecap Venture Partners.”

These video-sharing tools, which include mobile apps, are filling a void that was abandoned in recent years by YouTube, as its focus has turned to more professional, long form content. It’s another vehicle for newcomers to dominate as larger fishes in a smaller pond (for now). Here’s my Keek (by the way, that Keek word reminds me of queef).

Is it too late or too early for another competitor in this space? You decide. Talk amongst ourselves below…


4 Replies to “Another Online-Video Sharing Site? Keek Raises $7 Million.”

  1. no upload capacity – people want an alt to youtube – copyright makes it hard.

    further with all the trouble the internet has caused people from sex tapes to drug busts and with this new facebook recognition software paranoia… if we’re going to stay on this path only those with established content and the stupid will be showing their faces on video.

    Now if we can get rid of these big corporations and this bought and sold government making innovation a good thing again – it’s a cute idea.

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