FBI Raids Anonymous Member Live on TinyChat

It was just a simple TinyChat live video chat by some of the Anonymous folks. That’s the first half of this video excerpt obtained by RainCoaster. But halfway through the clip (1:30), the FBI storm “BarrettBrown” and the webcam goes off (but the audio remains).

“Ohhhh is Barrett getting raided by the fucking FBI?” asks a guy with a white hanky covering his face.

The event was confirmed by ComputerWorld, which wrote:

A spokeswoman for the Dallas County Sheriff’s office confirmed the arrest and said Brown was booked into the county jail at around 11 p.m. CT and has since been transferred to an FBI facility.

It’s just another example of the consequences of taking anti-government activity to the Interweb, I suppose. Here’s BarrettBrown, a former heroine addict, on his YouTube channel. He appears to threaten an FBI agent named Robert Smith (while chuckling). The video is titled, “Why I’m Going to Destroy FBI Agent Robert Smith Part Three.”

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