Jay Leno Rips YouTube Video Then NBC Claims Rights to It

NBC/Universal used, without permission, a YouTube video by an indie comedy duo Brian Kamerer and Travis Irvine. The Jay Leno Show – then had the video taken down with a copyright claim. Despite growing internet outcry, both media giant and talk show host have not said or done anything to address the injustice.

Almost every major network has used my YouTube videos, and only twice with permission and consent (MTV even paid me a paltry amount). Usually I’m not aware the clip was used unless a viewer happens to see it.

Is that fair? Who cares. I’m happy to have my videos on TV. But if they tried to make a claim on my content I’d complain profusely.

16 Replies to “Jay Leno Rips YouTube Video Then NBC Claims Rights to It”

  1. Jay leno is a douche. Always has been; always will be. Conan or letterman should pick up this story and rip the hell out of him.

  2. I can imagine with a team of people, some people create and editing the video, others upload and doing the claiming etc, that there just wasn’t a mistake, and now Jay and team are just deciding what to do about it before talking to the original creators. Who really knows. But either way this points out that the content ID system is highly flawed if we are at risk in this way.

  3. I think the reason is a lot of people have contentid on auto claim. For example at vidcon I filmed a live segment last year when the fine bros were on stage. They thanked me for doing this and included it in their video of vidcon as well as video from a couple others as well so they could get multi angles. A month later I got a copyright claim from them because they claimed all rights in their video of my video. I was able to dispute it but still was annoying… At least they didn’t auto-remove it just auto-monetized it.

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