YouTube is Seven Years Old

Happy Birthday, YouTube. You’re Seven. In internet years, that’s 49.

I didn’t get you a present because I think I only counted 5 YouTubers in this video.


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  1. I woke up with some nasty ass diarrhea this morning which I was actually glad about because first I thought it was my period & I have only had one period since november & that has to continue for at least one year for me to officially be thru menopause which will be FUCKING AWSOME so I guess what I am saying is you’re welcome for the TMI.

  2. pretty sure in internet years they are closer to 70 or 80. – you can tell by their short and selective memory

    the question is, have they been a good citizen?

    Like everyone the could have done more and they could have just done it for the lulz, but we all know they did for the money.

  3. Yeah that was an annoying video. Nothing on Community or Vlogers. I think I only saw Shane Dawson Briefly. it was 99% Viral Videos.

  4. I started supporting every effort to get away from youtube –

    perhaps it’s a futile endeavor… scine I still use it and watch stuff on it –
    when you have a company like google that claims it’s profit in Ireland and all it’s losses in the US – because Ireland offers a next to nothing tax to corporations and the US allows corporations to write off their loses – I find it immoral to support such a company, I do my best.

    but the world is so screwed up I don’t know what to make of it any more – I keep seeing history all over again.

    The lies and deceptions are so thick and in your face I often wonder if I’m in a bad dream or if someone slipped soma in the water table.

    I feel like this guy

    7 billion people where do you go?

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