21 Replies to “Best Comment Gets a Free Copy of My Stupid Book”

    1. This is a terrible question. You could have better questions such as “What color should a handbag be?” “Should we modify Holstein cows to have no patches?” “Can a song with the only word ‘yeah’ sung repeatedly be any good?”

      To answer your question anyway, vomit sounds good.

    2. There’s way too many variables to answer the question properly. What did you have for lunch that day? What caused you to throw up? What’s the consistency of the shit?

  1. The question here is how does one pick the best comment. Is it the one that is most replied to? Is it the one that gets the most up-votes? Is is the most brilliant or thought-provoking of all the comments? Or is it the meta-comment on commenting?

  2. I would rather be a lump of shit because 1) it’s consistent with my level of self esteem and 2) i’ve always believed one should remain true to oneself. Also my pungent fragrance will ensure I am remembered by whichever poor sap steps in me.

  3. You say tomato, I say tomahto. You say potato, I say quit talking about the size of the shits that come out of my butt, you perv.

  4. We have some strong contenders here. Maybe I should send the best comment a piece of cheese and the worst a book.

  5. Blorgut fligle floogle, doodie florble blorbie bloobul. Translation? I want that goddam book.

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