7 Rules of YouTube: Debated

Charlie McDonnell, aka “Charlieissocoollike,” offered DailyDot readers some YouTube tips (and posted videos on the topic).

1) “I don’t ever tell people to like, comment, subscribe—any of that stuff—unless I actually have a decent reason to.”

2) “I don’t like to give [fans] who watch me on the Internet any kind of group name or title.” (Take that, “nerdfighters” (Vlog Brothers) or “the nation” (Philip DeFranco).

3) McDonnell says he makes videos for himself, and his “personal satisfaction is at the top of my list.” “If other people like them, well, that’s really lovely.”

4) “I don’t like to overuse annotations. In fact, if I can avoid it I try not to use them at all.”

5) McDonnell stresses the importance of making the title and picture of each of his videos “a good representation of what the video is actually about.”

6) McDonnell promises to “only take a business opportunity [as in, join a network such as Revision3 or Machinima] if it makes my videos better.”

7) “If you have a schedule, do it for your own benefit” says McDonnell.

A YouTube starfucker trend watcher, WillofDC, tackled the “rules one by one in a video that yielded lots of debate and more “dislike” ratings than likes. One of the most-popular comments berates Will for calling them Charlie’s rules, when in fact they’re his personal rules.

My two cents: I really agree with Charlie’s tips, and I still believe Will makes some good points for the benefit of his fans (hee). Charlie points to some very common but annoying habits of some of the most-viewed YouTubers, and imitating those can cause peril. 

5 Replies to “7 Rules of YouTube: Debated”

  1. That will guy was so annoying I quit watching about a minute in. How the hell he got 300k subscribers i’ll never know.

    1. He and RWJ were roomies in NYC a couple of years ago.
      Just like nalts and trippy here knew each other as far back as 789. (Pink hair Trippy, :P)

  2. TheWillofDC’s show has absolutely nothing to do with YouTube News, he’s the drama pot stirring TMZ reporter of YouTube. Of course if you try to call him out on any points he makes in his videos he immediately dismisses you as a troll, since that’s what anyone who doesn’t agree with him is to him.

    Of all of the people I ever met at YouTube gatherings he’s probably the biggest disappointment. I thought when I met him he was someone that had some idea of where he was headed in life and he wanted to make a difference for people, but now all he does is gossip about YouTube and play video games all day. Very sad.

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