Hiding Gibberish Comments on YouTube

You can hide YouTube comments now with Google Chrome (see article on CNet). 

Writes Matt Elliott: 

Comments on YouTube are largely gibberish, mean-spirited, or profane. A Chrome extension lets you set a variety of options for YouTube videos, including hiding comments.

Really? Gibberish? That’s weird. All the comments I get on this blog (and my videos) are usually intelligent, positive and constructive.

4 Replies to “Hiding Gibberish Comments on YouTube”

  1. I may not have any hair, but I’m not a fatty any more and I’m an FBI agent. How’s that for comments, bro?

  2. Thought of you today. Someone posted a Grammar Nazi picture on Facebook and it brought back fond memories of my days as the Spelling Nazi on this blog. Need to visit here more often.

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