Kony 2012 Viral Summary

We’re three days away from when participants of the Kony 2012 movement will be blanketing the town with posters, but one could argue they won’t do much better than the 180 million views to date.

Visible Measures has a stat roundup of the social-cause campaign that popped in early March 2012. For comparison, M&M’s 2012 Super Bowl ad, Just My Shell, has 41.7 million views. Honda’s Matthew’s Day Off, another top five Super Bowl campaign this year, has 25.3 million views.

And I have 250 million after 6 years of posting, so… yeah, they should have monetized it. It would have raised about $100,000, assuming advertisers wouldn’t mind appearing next to it.

Kony View Growth

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  1. Any estimate on what percent of the total views were generated by bots? The allegation is that a very large portion of this video’s early views in particular were generated by bots and then it took off once it was featured on the main YouTube page. The funnest thing about social-cause videos that go viral are the spoofs and parodies they spawn! And so, although many of these videos are annoying when first viewed, the reward for watching them to begin with is that the spoofs and parodies are the much funnier!

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