6 Replies to “FAIL: Your TV Commercial is Your Preroll”

  1. Oh not as bad as i thought you meant. Thought you were watching show x and the preroll before it was also for that. This happened to mr at the movies last week. Saw the trailer for the movie i was there too see.

  2. The worst pre-roll I’ve come across is the “New Car Story” ad. It won’t run on any of my computers and I have computers running Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux! It really irks me because I like to watch The Young Turks for news while I eat breakfast and if that stupid pre-roll comes on I don’t get to watch that video!!!! Grrrrr!!!! Makes me really, really, really mad!!!

    1. There is no other pre-roll that won’t play and so I’ve got to conclude that there is something wrong with the way the pre-roll is set up. Either that or it has bandwidth requirements that are substantially higher than other pre-rolls. Living in the middle of the desert puts me at a bit of a bandwidth disadvantage! But no other pre-roll fails to play and so whatever it is it must be something specific about THAT pre-roll.

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