YouTube Partnership Requires Computer, Pulse

YouTube, once extending “partnership” status to select video creators, announced this week that it would invite anyone to become a YouTube Partner — as long as they own a computer and have a pulse. Animals are not excluded.

Here’s the news as announced in the YouTube Partner blog:

Whether you’re a novice or a mogul, we’re committed to helping you meet your goals as a YouTube partner…. So starting today, we are updating partner eligibility across 20 countries (listed below) where the YouTube Partner Program has launched. YouTube uploaders in these countries can become YouTube partners by enabling their YouTube accounts, and successfully monetizing at least one of their videos.

Youtube partner cat kitten

Reactions to the news varied. Here’s Ben Hughes saying he’s happy more are allowed, and looking back fondly about how big of a deal it was when he was accepted after a few denials.

I remember being a bit jazzed (as seen in this video that was picked up by some national news). Wifeofnalts was less jazzed.

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  1. Ugh, I really don’t know how to feel about it… like most Partners who were Partners before everyone could be a Partner, I have mixed feelings.

    1. I remember your $1000 youtube giveaway…those were the early days of YouTube Josh…things have changed a bit, but you really made your mark back then, and you could again, if you put your mind to it.

  2. A few months back, I was happy when I got the email from YouTube stating that I could monetize my videos. I felt like I was one step closer to becoming a YouTube Partner and it felt good. Now I hear that pretty much anyone can now become a YouTube Partner (limited as it may be) and I have to say that I actually do not like the idea at all.

    There are a majority of people on YouTube that make videos that are not entertaining at all. They either lack creativity, insight, or just good old fashioned energy. Many of them also are just not that interesting to watch and it amazes me that many of them are monetized.

    Now I am a small YouTuber (752 subscribers as of this writing) and as much as I would LOVE to be a YouTube Partner and become the “Next Big YouTube Star”, I know that it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and a thick skin to climb my way up the ladder.

    It was nice having the YouTube Partnership program be exclusive as it gave me something to strive for and a goal to attain. Every time I made a new video, I tried to raise my personal standards and learn from the more popular YouTubers in regards to making better videos.

    Now I, and many others, are able to become a YouTube Partners without even trying? I am not happy with this at all. Makes what I am trying to strive for seem less of an accomplishment and more of a unearned and undeserved gift.

  3. You were just ‘a bit’ jazzed when you made partner?? More like you practically came in your pants.

  4. I feel like it invalidates the reward of all our hard work in order to get partnership… It was more than a status symbol… it was a way of saying, I’ve put a lot into this.
    Now some schmuck with a camera takes a 3 sec video, puts it up, gets monetized because of a tag, can be a partner…

    My only hope is that these schmucks don’t realize this and don’t have the motivation to apply and that only the people who have been working hard actually apply. Then it wouldn’t seem so bad…

  5. All they did was redefine “partner” to include those who could monetize videos. Nothing here changed at all but it was really awkward describing those who could monetize in the past. I always used to call them mini-partners anyway. Now its just official. They still don’t actually get partner features like thumbnails or banners or anything, at least not yet.

    In general this was just a big PR move. Probably good for their accounting books as well. Anyway they did a really bad job of explaining it. People are either mad or confused I think. I’m not sure even those who got accepted as partners are very happy. I know one of my accounts got the congrats email and I’m not happy about it since it can’t do anything else… Oh youtube..

    End of rant.

  6. So I’ve been able to monetize my videos for quite a while now. What exactly is the difference now?

  7. Great comments. And I think I agree with Urgo that it’s not that material. We just need a name for “special” partners like you, dear reader. 😉

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