The Top 10 “Viral” Videos of 2011 That You Missed

The internets are packed with Jessica Black and Nyan Cat videos that are proclaimed the most “viral” of 2011. But it’s time to take a look at 10 of my favorite videos you probably missed.

What was your favorite video of 2011? Enjoy mine… in no particular order.

10. People of Walmart 2
Jessica Frech gave us a sequel to “People of Walmart,” and it’s just as outrageous and fun as the original.

9. Marcel the Shell With Shoes On
Another rare sequel that is about as good as the original… Marcel was back thanks to the talented Dean Fleischer-Camp.

8. Pet Santa
Mike L. Mayfield topped his animation collection with Pet Santa. Perhaps some “recency bias” in this selection but it’s adorable.

7. Retarded Policeman: Nalts
It’s not a new video, but it returned to the web after a hiatus. And the series by Greg Benson and Ponce returns in 2012.

6. Charles Trippy Wedding
Internet personality sensation Charles Trippy married Ali Speed this fall, and Corey Vidal created this amazing music video.

5. Zoochosis’ “Thanks Smokey”
Zoochosis debuted this summer with a load of semi-pro but low-cost productions. Thanks Smokey is the hypnotic tale of a hiker who sees sheep in a new way.

4. The Scary Snowman
This year was Scary Snowman’s transition from obscurity to popularity, and his beach prank is my favorite.

3. How to Piss in Public
OffthewallTV/LastPictures gave us tips on how to urinate in public.

2. Dog Walks Down Steps On Front Legs
A guilty pleasure, and it’s short enough for the ADHD folks.

1. Ray William Johnson Parody
I’m not sure why I like this, but it’s an animated parody of Ray William Johnson, the richest YouTuber.

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6 thoughts on “The Top 10 “Viral” Videos of 2011 That You Missed”

  1. I saw all of those cept the last or #1 cause I hate that guy – fitting vid

    enjoyed marcel – nothing else hit me too much this year

    tho I thought walmart was clever and a cute song I found it very depressing and it made me want to leave the US

    here’s what I could dig up in my likes and favs – no order – very political year, so I didn’t look for the fun stuff –

    Short film in fake English – cute clever

    MasterCard ad – clever poignant

    RAP NEWS clever lot of eye candy makes you think
    I like all their videos

    Watched this guy Lee Camp a lot – clever thinker

    favorite project – watch them all! help spread be inspired – fav, thumbs up, etc…
    tell me if you have a fav – artsy stuff

    I look forward to seeing more favs and vids made by others here

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