I Make a Video Everytime You Poop

Years ago, when I was on a YouTube tear, I was posting daily videos. Most people discouraged this behavior, arguing that I should focus on quality not quantity. While both are important, I’ve let frequency suffer in pursuit of the elusive “good” video that people would share and view.

After Trippy’s wedding I decided to return to my old slogan of “making a video everytime you poop.” Here’s the playlist titled “Holiday Blitz.” By dubbing it that, I’m hoping not to pressure myself into another long-term commitment I won’t keep. But for the meanwhile, despite modest views, I’m having fun again.

So anyway that explains the minimalist posting here on the blog.

Nalts makes a video everytime you poop.

9 Replies to “I Make a Video Everytime You Poop”

  1. I really miss your driving vlogs because it gave you a chance to display your subtle sense of humor. Plus I was waiting breathlessly for a spectacular car crash.

  2. So glad you don’t have Crohn’s, or we’d have a video every hour. I just want to see more of Sukatra’s witty comebacks on your blog, so she’ll stop texting me vulgar jokes.

  3. I’ve been loving the more frequent updates! I think most of us are less interested in “quality” and more interested in our para-social relationships. 🙂

  4. I created a video using the Goanimate app, then someone claimed they owned the rights to the visual content, so it is no longer monetized. Which are both completely Absurd and ridiculous. I think i will just claim ownership of ALL youtube videos!

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