The YouTube Royal Wedding of Trippy and Speed

trippy speed wedding
Alli Speed and Charles Trippy at their wedding Nov. 20, 2011

Charles Trippy (CTFxC) and Alli Speed were married last night in Sarasota, Florida. They have one of the most popular “reality shows” on YouTube, dubbed “Internet Killed Television.” So it’s no surprise that Twitter exploded with tweets about the duo. Here are some highlights I shot last night, and the video includes cameos from YouTube’s most celebrated “weblebrities.” Bask in the duo’s smiles, and see their dogs Marley and Zoey walking the isles. Contrats!

Also see some of the photos from the wedding on my Nalts Flickr stream. (Addition Nov. 22: Charles and Alli Trippy’s wedding day footage, with link at end to official montage by Corey Vidal).


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6 thoughts on “The YouTube Royal Wedding of Trippy and Speed”

  1. Wow, Mark. I guess you’re just jealous you didn’t get an invitation. Watch that potty mouth of yours.

  2. Nobody outside the walls of Trippy’s YouTube estate heard of this thing. Well, there’s always the Nalts Asylum to bring us up to speed.

      1. 15 year old movies airing only on American cable trends worldwide so I think Ariel’s statement remains correct.

        I didn’t know her last name was Speed. I thought “Alli’s Peed” was some in-joke.

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