Shut Up. I Have a New Logo.

What do you think of the new logo? I’ve never really had a logo, unless you count the original one… me holding a piece of cardboard with Will Video For Food written poorly in marker.

This one cost me $5 on I realize the banner above is kinda amateur and sparse, but that’s me on Photoshop (and Thesis is being a pain in the ass).

14 Replies to “Shut Up. I Have a New Logo.”

  1. It’s distinctive and nicely (literally) off-center, and the peeking Nalts always gets one’s attention. I think a bolder yellow than the dull greenish gold of “for food” would help to be more eye-catching.

    Also, I can understand dividing it into left red “will video” and right gold “for food,” but the red “will” just disappears into the red “video” frame. The “will” should be the same color as the “for food.” It will make the most important word, “video,” stand out even more, with “VIDEO” and “will (what? –video) for food.”

    For the block of text between the two logos, the blue is rather purplish, so the red needs to be brighter so that you have the necessary contrast both for distinctiveness and for people with mild vision impairments.

  2. Mazal Tov! It’s $5 well spent.
    IMHO none of it matches, but the hues are the same and well, it kind of works.

  3. Agree with languageandhumor. make the “Will” Green” The green needs to be brightened up too.

    BUt I would also liek to see another version with of this Where you head is enlarged so that the width of the head is the same as the Text. That would be good for the front of a TShirt.

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