Want Young Viewers or Responsive Viewers?

In a study that should be of no terrible surprise, Burst media showed that although young viewers (ages 18-34) watch more online videos, we 35-54 geezers are more likely to interact with an online-video ad. This provides a word of caution to eager marketers in search of large views: don’t forget the demographic. Chart by eMarketer.

Oh and according to Auditude we’re desensitizing to video ad units: “video publishers, content owners and distributors can increase revenue potential based on viewer acceptance of ads in premium content.” (That’s code for “jack up the prerolls).

Author: Nalts

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9 thoughts on “Want Young Viewers or Responsive Viewers?”

  1. I want more interaction not just with ads but with my channel. Contribute to the dialog. Ask questions, make insightful comments, bring in a new topic that’s what I like in my viewers. Always interesting Nalts

  2. Not nice to have a picture of your sister on your website without her permission. Jennifer would be pissed.

  3. Does this mean I should put all those movie trailers etc. before my videos because viewers don’t care? hmmm… interesting topics as always- Thanks Nalts!

  4. I wonder if the observation that younger viewers “took action” less often than older viewers is in some way related to the disproportionately high unemployment rate in that same age group. From what I’ve heard young adults have been hit particularly hard by current economic problems.

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