Get Cheap Intros & Graphics For Your Videos

Today we’ll explore how to get cheap (inexpensive) assets like logos, graphics and video intros… for as little as $5. There are loads of talented creators online, as evidenced by the submissions to my Nalts Consulting logo request. Now there are websites specifically designed to identify and commission small projects that otherwise would be difficult to find, sell and buy. For instance you may want a logo for your channel, a unique and customized video introduction, a specially scored song (like the Ukulele on this video, which was $5). The “gigs” being sold vary from “get x friends on Facebook” to “I’ll draw your message on my beautiful butt.” Some sell products but most people sell specialized skills in the form of pre-priced “gigs.” “For $5 I’ll customize this animated video introduction.”

eBook cover cost $5

So my new hobby is commissioning these $5 projects on, and eagerly checking to see if they’re delivered each morning. I’ve gotten loads of stuff that I think is worth more than $5. For instance, the current masthead for this blog. The cartoon of me above. The video introduction graphics and logo to Unlicensed Therapist. The eBook cover to “How To Become Popular On YouTube Without Any Talent.”

So let’s look at 1) how this works, 2) which websites facilitate these eBay-like exchanges (source), then 3) provide some cautions.

1) The Process & What You Get is fairly simple. You wander onto any of these sites, which look almost identical because they’re presumably all using the same software platform. You can browse “gigs” being offered by sellers. On the video front, people have gigs listing cool video introductions they’ll customize, graphics/logos they’ll design, and even shady software and tips that are supposed to jack up your YouTube views (buyer beware). Once you find one, you buy it with Paypal usually. The seller automatically requests direction or photos from you. Then you wait the designated time period, and when it’s done you get an alert and an attachment to download directly from the website. If you like it you can rate the seller.

2) Where to Go: Here are a handfull of more sites like Fiverr. I’ve been to them all, but only transacted on and

  • Everything is priced at $50, but frankly the “gigs” aren’t much better than or
  • Gigs for $20. Appears dead right now.
  • and You can post gigs ranging from $5 to $100.
  • Redirecting to Gibucks. Post gigs for $3, $5, $7 and $10.
  • Almost identical to Fiverr where everything is priced at $5.
  • You can offer and buy gigs for up to $10. Better tools for buyer or seller communication (which are somewhat thwarted on Fiverr).
  • Buy services for $5 or $10 or $20. Their gigs stats with ā€œIā€™m gunna..ā€!
  • MagicGig is another online micro-task marketplace that allows you to offer your services for $10.

3) Caution Time: There’s a lot of crap on these sites. This includes broken English claims that are dubious or shady. Some of the sellers are rumored to not complete their deals. I I’ve had a couple default. A lot of the tasks are nonsense like backlinks, friends, views, traffic. One guy offers to troll someone for $10. Some are useless like someone agreeing to sing you a custom song on a surf board. But in the graphics section you get some pretty good artists who can convert a photo into a digital painting. Some make logos (fairly well for the price). And although it’s hard to find a good video intro, they do exist.

Have you used these? Let me know if I’m missing a site, and tell us what you got.



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  1. I used a site similar to the ones you listed. Ended up getting a cool theme song for a video series I do. However…I also ended up getting ripped off once when I hired someone to do headers for me. I then ended up hiring someone to do an animated video who ended up really sucking at animation. So after going 1 for 3 I gave up on these sites.

  2. I tried a few of these sites and the only ones worth a look are or (not sure if they are owned by the same company or not). It seems the customer service of all the other clones sucks.

  3. It’s amazing how engaging these sites are for minors who want to earn their first ice cream, though it’s not what the website creators intended in the first place and they still don’t realize it.

    It is a brilliant idea. Instead of outsourcing to India and Bangladesh, give a chance to your nation’s underage population who knows how to handle tools like Photoshop just as well and has a better, fresher cultural insight.

    Too bad there’s (officially) no such company out there… yet.

    running off to search for a cool sounding domain that hasn’t been taken yet

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