YouTube Nears Transition to Television

In case you haven’t heard, the world’s largest online-video site is challenging television and cable with 100 channels funded by $100 million. The channels will be rolled out over the next year, starting in November. They will be available on the company’s website as well as all YouTube-enabled devices, including Apple’s devices.

Until then, YouTube has created a “sneak peek,” previewing what’s to come.

It’s a smart metamorphous from a commercial perspective. More mainstream content and increased distribution. And you can find 1-2 of the 100 channels that were spawned from independent creators (like sxephil). The rest of the independent creators will be moved to to make room for the pros.

9 Replies to “YouTube Nears Transition to Television”

  1. There’s nothing like reality hitting you at the speed of light. It’s only afterwards that you realize how the comforting darkness you were kept in was never meant to last.

    In all these years YouTube didn’t manage to find an alternative that would make amateur content sustainable, so be my guest, prove them wrong!

  2. Nalts, can you please start using the target=’_blank’ html on your links. It just means I don’t have leave the article in order to follow a link.

    Nalts, how did youtube decide on who got the $100 million? I only know three of these channels – vice, tedtalks and cookingupastory. I clicked on the ride channel and found the production company don’t even use youtube on their website (they use vimeo)

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