See the First Videos of Some Prominent YouTube Stars

Even want to see the first videos posted by some of YouTube’s most famous creators? What was Fred’s first video? It wasn’t on his Fred channel. How about the first Ray William Johnson, Annoying Orange, Shane Dawson and Smosh vieos?

I made a Delicious Stack that takes you right to them. The first videos of famous YouTubers. Enjoy.

Don’t forget the FIRST YouTube video, where 5 million people learned that “pretty much all there is to say” about elephants is that they “have really long and cool trunks.” That stuff hasn’t even begun to viralinate.


5 Replies to “See the First Videos of Some Prominent YouTube Stars”

  1. I commented on that video over 5 years ago. Look at this laughable idealism of my 5-years-younger-and-more-naive self:

    “I’m glad I can comment on this historic video, it gives´╗┐ me a warm and fuzzy feeling of participating in history in progress!”


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