Invitation to Earn Revenue From Your YouTube Videos?

Did you get an e-mail lately with the subject, “Invitation to earn revenue from your YouTube videos”? What’s it mean?

You’ve been invited to “monetize” your videos. Since my sister hates that word, let’s put it this way. You’ll share in the income that YouTube makes from advertisers.

  • This will amount to maybe $1 per 1,000 views. Could be pennies per 1,000 and it could be a couple bucks per thousand.
  • The $ you get per views should continue to rise. Projections have been as high as 40% growth in 2012 to this report predicting 25% growth in online-video advertising in the next 12 months.
  • You’ll need an Adsense account, which is how YouTube/Google pays publishers who run ads.
  • Do it. No down side unless you abhor ads around your content.
  • It’s not quite the same thing as being a YouTube “Partner” or “Creator,” which provides the channel with advanced branding (a logo on videos, and more flexibility on the channel page that few see). More importantly, advertisers are paying a premium for Partner/Creators and the other ads tend to command less revenue.

Still, my channels are excited. I’ll have to monetize them when I remember the passwords…

Any questions? Comment below or e-mail me at kevin (no space) nalty (a) g/mail


Invitation to earn revenue from your YouTube videos

8 Replies to “Invitation to Earn Revenue From Your YouTube Videos?”

  1. Can’t wait to see the New York Times article about how to MONETIZE videos on You Tube. I’m putting my money on, oh, four or five days. Plagiarists, all of them.

  2. I’m able to monetize all of my videos but don’t have the same abilities as my partnered buddies. I sent you a message on facebook about it. Are creators and partners two different things?

    1. Creator is the new word for Partner. Same thing. But this monetization program is different… like a low-budget partner. Still make money but rarely (if at all) prerolls, which are more profitable. Hey it’s money, though, right?

    1. You’re in good shape… as long as you’re not talking Nike or full-size lear jet. Maybe some dollar store sandals and a mini toy jet.

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