Weird News Unrelated to Online-Video Marketing

I always liked Weird News, and used to syndicate it for a local newspaper in Georgetown. That means I pulled it down from the wire, laid it out, and added a photo of a squirrel when necessary. Hey it sounds easy, but those weren’t the desktop publishing days, damnit. I used hot wax.

This guy needs the sugar and caffeine

So here, unrelated to the primary purpose of this blog (whatever that is) are some weird news items I’ve culled from 409 different sources.

  • A body of a woman was found in a Disney World parking lot. That body, of course, was dead.
  • A dead body was found on top a moving truck. It was not Andy Rooney.
  • A new toy, Fijit Fiends, is a best-selling Halloween decoration.
  • 60 Elvises fled from a fire. If I was a pun fan, I’d link to this video. I’m not.
  • A French teacher forces a student to inform her of a bathroom fire in French (The Onion). Allison should defense de fumer, non?
  • Smoking one marijuana joint can give you schizophrenia.
  • A book of bone houses. How comforting to sleep beneath deceased human remains.

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