New Artistic Community: The 5-Dollar Store of Fiverr

It used to be when I needed a graphic, song, voiceover, technology help… I’d have to beg and borrow. It was a lot of work, and often made me feel guilty (even though viewers have been awesome about creating assets for me).

Now I’ve discovered Fiverr. which is almost a black market of talented artists, designers, technologists, writers and those with even more interesting skills.

I’m not sure they’re unemployed, and maybe for most this is a hobby that makes money.

Already I’ve commissioned a new banner for the blog (see bottom of post), a goofy Odd Holidays jingle for videos I’m doing about odd holidays, a cartoonization of one of my photos, and a motion-text intro for The Unlicensed Therapist (a new web series I’m doing). I’m even getting a logo for that show… three of them precisely. Are the voicovers pro? Not necessarily, but certainly worth more than $5. Heck I even paid $5 for stress removal, but haven’t found out what’s coming yet.

For $5. Amazing, huh? I almost wish they had a slightly higher price point to attract even more talent and enhance scope of assignments. You can have photos of finger puppets holding your logo, or have your brand eaten by a pet. It’s a load of fun, and a brilliant way to help video creators get decent work for very little investment (which is important given the uncertainty that a web series will “take off”).

Here’s a teaser of “Your Unlicensed Therapist,” but this one is a bit flat. The others will be more edgy, and I’m now recruiting local YouTubers to be in an episode.

One of the three masthead/banners I got for $5 from Fiverr

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  1. I absolutely love Kate in this video! Love the music, love the outtake, love the writing…you have to write one about dysfunctional families and I have to star in it. Actually, there will be no script for that one…we’ll just tell real stories.

  2. $5? I’d be insulted if you offered me $5 for that cartoonized head I made that you use everywhere.

    I think I might feel sightly guilty about ripping someone off if I were to actually get quality work done via fiverr. I wonder how they handle the legalities of contracts, copyright ownership, and all that jazz.

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  3. Who’s Alex?

    I just finally got around to watching your Unlicensed Therapist thing. Very odd and lacking in coherence. Did you script it at all or did you just sit down and go with whatever random stuff popped into your head at the time?

  4. I like the chick who says she’ll be your girlfriend on facebook for an entire week, and she’s probably made a fortune with that too!

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