Digvjay Singh is Poo Poo Head

Digvijay Singh is an Indian politician who’s litigating against YouTube, Facebook and other sites… issuing “DIRs” according to Times of India. And that’s not a “finite impulse response,” stalkerofnalts.

Reports the Times: If the originators of hate mail can be identified Singh would be perfectly within his rights to move cases of defamation, perhaps even incitement, against them. But it’s misunderstanding the nature of new media to hold them culpable for messages that may be carried by them.

Yeah I don’t know what an FIR is because neither the Times nor the IndiaToday bother explaining it.

But I’m convinced Singh is a doo-doo.

I'll FIR Yo Ass

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  1. I wouldn’t care if he got rid of Facebook. The only reason i’d care for Facebook is because i’d have a loss of views on my YouTube videos! But getting rid of YouTube just angers me! :O

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